5 things to do before the end of summer


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Ahhh summer. I doubt there’s anyone in this world who doesn’t love summer. Summer is nature’s way to celebrate all living creatures, when the beauty of our world is in its fullest expression. Like all good things, summer has the tendency to end really fast. (At least this is how I feel about it every year.) And just like all good things, we simply must enjoy summer to the fullest, soak in every single ray of light. Here are five simple ways to do just that – make sure you enjoy this summer and take full advantage of this year’s golden season.

1. SUP yoga

If you haven’t tried SUP yoga yet, you must. Yoga practice on a surfboard, while seems to be an unachievable exercise, in reality, surprisingly very calming and satisfying in the end. Usually a gentle set of asanas are performed in low waters, following by a relaxing savasana, gently rocking on the waves. Perfect on a hot summer day to test your balance and to spend extra hours soaking in that vitamin D. Invite your friends to try it – it’s more fun to do it together. Even if they are not yogis just yet, they might be intrigued by the novice idea of SUP yoga, which could end up to be a perfect summer mini-adventure.

SUP yoga

Get in gear: Onzie leggings are perfect for yoga in the water – no need to be afraid of ending up in the water in your dolphin plank.

 2. Yoga in the park

Yoga means unity. Unity with oneself, and unity with everything around us. What better way to connect to your inner world, than outside amongst luscious summer surroundings? There’re usually plenty free yoga sessions in the park offered in each city across Canada. Perhaps, even your own yoga studio offers free yoga sessions outside in the nature, as a way to connect to the community and give back to the practice. Check your studio’s schedule or search for yoga in the park in your city. Look for a morning or evening session to start or end your day on the right note.

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Get in gear: Comfy Lole clothing or Hard Tail Forever are a perfect fit for a nice stroll before and after your yoga class. 

3. Sunrise intention setting

Nothing compares to a sunrise meditation. Starting your day with a meditation session proves to be one of the best ways to ensure your day starts and goes well. It is believed that the best time to meditate is before sun rises, but if you are not an early bird (literally) choose to find a quiet place in your house or better yet, go outside to greet the Sun in person. Soak in the warmth while setting an intention for the day. Choose (yes, choose) to be happy, and content. Observe how it’s done in nature and practice being your content self off the mat through the day.

mala collective -canada

Get in gear: Mala Collective’s mala beads are a gorgeous companion for a morning intention setting. 

4. Sunset meditation

Sunset has so much symbolism in itself. The day is ending, and with it everything what happened that day. Practice letting go and non-attachment as the night falls over the city. Darkness replaces light, reminding us about duality of life – there are good times and bad times and they have the place in our life whether we want it or not. Accept things as they are – experience equanimity.

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Get in gear: Manduka travel mats and meditation bolsters will make your venture in nature a natural affaire. 

5. Farmers market gratitude session

Last but not least – be grateful. Summer teaches us to notice and appreciate abundance around us. It shows that it takes hard work to achieve anything (try growing that tomato or cucumber) – but then the results of our work is plentiful and well-deserved. Don’t forget to be grateful for everything you have in your life today – big or small, good or bad. It’s all work in progress. And if things are not shaping up the way you want them to be just yet, perhaps there’s still something to be grateful for? This summer.


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