6th Chakra – Intuition, Focus, Peace

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau.

Third Eye Chakra - Yoga Philosophy


Agya = Command, Knowledge, Wisdom.

Why Yoga is amazing is because it goes beyond the mat. Yoga is movement, but it’s also stillness, and this very much could be the reason, why we stick with yoga and want to know more, beyond the usual asana routine. Some of the benefits of yoga include – increased concentration, focus, relaxation, and YES – contentment. Luckily for us – all of these qualities are initiated in our 6th Chakra! The development of our wisdom and humanity is located in the 6th Chakra. Agya Chakra or Third Eye Chakra is located at the upper end of the spinal column, at the point of transition from the spine to the brain. Traditionally its position has also been known to be between the eye brows – hence the name.

The 6th Chakra is the centre of our intuition and higher knowledge, but we can only access this power when our thoughts are cleared and our mind is still. We often experience this guidance in retrospect, when we knew we should have done this and that, but we did. It requires tremendous discipline and dedication to constantly tune in to that higher guidance (especially in the beginning, when you just start to go on the path of consciousness, and practicing being in the moment).

We do not need to “seek” truth – it’s already there, in front of us, if we listen to our inner compass, we already know all the answers.

“Be yourself, live happily and wisely, without dependence. Awaken your abilities and use them. Recognise your inner wealth. You possess everything. The entire Universe is yourself.”

Srī Mahaprabhujī

When your 6th Chakra is imbalanced:

  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • poor concentration
  • inability to evaluate yourself and learn from the experiences of life
  • poor decision making – self-doubt when making decisions

Balance 6th Chakra:

  • Get quiet – meditate, turn inwards (listen to your thoughts, be with your thoughts – no music, no TV, no artificial distractions that cover up your thoughts)
  • Spend some time by the water, in nature
  •  Stargaze (connecting with something that is bigger than us opens our mind, and brings us back to the present moment)
  • Listen to your breath (try to focus on your breathing through the day, to stay present)
  • Yoga poses like child pose, downward facing dog, or head stand also help to balance the 6th Chakra

yoga - downward facing dog yoga - childs pose head stand - yoga poses

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Namaste! Keep moving. Be…. still. 


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