Can Yoga Pants Better Your Karma?

What drives the team at Yoga Hive? Why do we do what we do? There’s a reason behind each product and brand that we carry, and we get excited about every curated addition to our store for a good reason. How can buying yoga pants bring you good karma? Simple — buy yoga pants and apparel from companies that do good with their products, and you’ve already made a positive step forward. The two labels whose yoga bottoms we currently sell are some of our favourite companies to wear in and out of yoga class.

Shakti-Yoga-Capris     Onzie-Yoga-Capris


We love the story behind Shakti. The brand originates from Rio De Janero, Brazil, and is an amazing combination of the eastern philosophy that drives their focus and the rich culture of  Rio which shines through in the cuts and colours of their apparel. Originally designed by a yoga teacher with a background in swimwear, the brand launched based on a need for comfortable hot yoga clothing in Brazil. The brand’s signature shorts and pants are now often imitated, but Shakti is the best at what they do any it shows in the quality of their fabrics and stitching. Shakti still produces all of its products ethically in Brazil, and the materials (Lycra and Airfit Microfiberfabrics) and quality is like no other.


Onzie is best known for its diverse collection of patterned capri pants and leggings, and for being one of the most affordable options for quality yoga pants. What some may not know is that unlike many of their competitors (especially at their price point), Onzie is 100% designed and ethically produced in the United States. As a completely vertically-integrated company, Onzie is one of few large-scale manufacturers of yoga bottoms that can make this claim. From the manufacturing and dying of the materials, to the sewing of the product itself, Onzie puts a focus not only on quality buy on ethical business practice around all of their products — right in downtown Los Angles.

There’s a reason we only deal with the companies that are conscious of their corporate responsibility. We want YogaHive, and your experience on our website, to make you feel great about the apparel you choose to be in at our favourite time of each day — yoga class.

We love online shopping because, more than anything, it gives us choice. Fitness and yoga are so universally practiced that there is no shortage of options when it comes to apparel — we think this is a good thing. But it can also be easy to fill your online shopping cart without learning the stories behind the companies that make yoga products. (And in some cases, it can be difficult to find out even where a product is produced before seeing the label once you’ve already purchased it.) Luckily, companies that are transparent about their products and processes are only a few clicks away. Currently, between the lines we carry for Shakti and Onzie, we have over 75 different yoga and fitness pants and shorts available through our online store. We also have a lot more coming soon, including new products from Hard Tail Forever (another awesome, domestically-manufactured company). We’re very proud to say that you can join us in feeling great about buying any of these products!


Keep moving. Be… Conscious.


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