3 Must-have Yoga Pants

They’ve been around for so many years. But step out of the studio in your yoga pants and everyone seems to have an opinion. Well, true yogis don’t really care, if it’s comfortable and it gets the zen clicking then we’ll do it. As long as you don’t wear an obscenely sheer pair (remember the Lululemon ones which were recalled because they became transparent in the sun) and as long as you don’t wear them to work coupled with a formal top, yoga pants are good to go anywhere. kendall-jennar-gigi-hadid-yoga-pants

A great pair of yoga pants makes you want to do better yoga, has you feeling awesome and pretty while doing it and motivates you to jump on the yoga video sharing brigade. Throw on a leather jacket or a trench and you can hop from Bikram to brunch with style.

Well, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid seem to be looking just gorgeous in their yoga pants. Take notes, ladies! And when you have yoga pants in such amazing prints and styles, how can you seriously keep them confined to the studio or the mat? Throw in a great handbag and your hottest sunglasses. Get your yoga pants some air and some eyeballs. If you need help finding the best styles, we’ve got yoga pants from the best brands in Canada.

We’ve chosen three super favourites that every yogi girl must own. They are the most comfortable bottoms you will ever wear and they look so good, you want to wear them everywhere. Oh, your headstand will look so fabulous in one of these! Let’s get you started.

1. Mesh leggings

They are sheer but in the right places and when you wear them you realize the sheer stretchy mesh is not there just to make it look amazing, it’s there to make it even more comfortable. These leggings hug you and move with you. sheer-leggings-lululemon-yoga-style Bright, bold and super fun! YogaHive has this style in Onzie. It’s a colour blocked legging with slimming lines. You’ll never go unnoticed in these amazing pants! onzie-legging-yoga-styles-sheer Shop Onzie Black Mesh Yoga Pants

2. Indie print long leggings

The moment you put them on, these will become your favourite. They come in such bright colours, you don’t need any accessories to complete your look. For a casual evening outside add to these a sweatshirt, make a messy bun, wear your sunglasses and you have yourself a look worth pinning on a fashion blogger’s Pinterest board. onzie-print-leggings Similar to the Capri Pant, we’ve got Long Onzie Leggings that also have a low-rise waist band and are designed to be form-fitted and will stretch and move with your body. For our petite customers, these pants may have an extra inch or two of fabric at the ankles. In this case, we love to wear them either like yogis wrapped around the heel of the foot, rolled up, bunched, or you can simply tuck them under your feet! They’ll fit you like a glove. onzie-legging-yoga-styles View All Styles For Onzie Long Leggings

3. Genie capris

We love them for how they transport you to the world where there’s peace, serenity and where travel adventures await. They are comfortable and loose, perfect for hot yoga or just chilling around the house. If you wear them with the right top and hairdo you can be looking so zen just walking around downtown. genie-capris-yoga-styles We’ve been constantly running out of these ones and have had to reorder for our customers. We love these Lole genie capris and have them in two colors, from the last season. Get shopping before we run out of these too. They are available on a 30% off! Lole-yoga-styles-genie-capris Shop Lole Genie Capris at 30% Off There you have it. Three must haves. Summer, winter or rain. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more yoga fashion and yoga asana stories. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know and never miss a steal or a secret sale!

Printed leggings: excellent in form and function

Do you love printed leggings?

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about printed leggings and how popular they’ve become. While some people are only starting to catch on to the trend, we’ve loved patterned leggings for a long time!

It’s easy to see why graphic leggings are so popular. Onzie Malibu capri sports a beautiful design that draws attention away from the hip and onto areas of movement, further down the leg. Quoting Onzie owner Kimberly Swarth, “Prints hide everything and enhance all the right parts.” We love brands like Onzie because their products excel in both form and function, allowing you to look good while having a hard workout.

We also love patterned leggings because they’re so flexible. Puns aside, it’s easy to match a pair of printed leggings to a simple tank top, T-shirt, or whatever is convenient and easily available. Because graphic leggings stand out by themselves, you can afford to wear a simple top without running the risk of having a generic look.

Last of all, we love patterned leggings because they’re unique and fun. There are so many designs to choose from! Browse through our Onzie catalogue and you’ll see dozens of unique and beautiful designs. It’s hard not to find an outfit suited to your personal tastes!

Whether you wear them to make a statement, for convenience or simply for fun, graphic leggings are sure to keep you happy and enthusiastic during your workout. Interested in grabbing a pair for your own? We provide free shipping to Canada on orders over $50!

Wear a pair of printed leggings and feel the difference.

Look good, feel good. Keep moving. 


What makes a soul mat?

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 1.42.35 PM


They are committed to eco-responsibility, and are mindful of every decision they make in the manufacturing process. They support fair labor practices and toxic-free emission facilities.

Wherever possible, they use natural, recyclable, sustainable and/or biodegradable materials, and constantly search for new green technologies. Each detail is a conscious decision.

Their yoga bags are made from recycled polyester fabrics and zippers made from recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that??

The eKO line of yoga mats is produced using biodegradable rubber sustainably harvested from rubber trees with no toxic glues. Designed to last a lifetime, the PRO Series yoga mats minimize impact on the environment and ensure years of superior practice for our community.

The prop collection was developed using materials including sustainable cork, natural unbleached cotton, and recycled wool fibers.

With growth, they pledge to protect and honor our earth and its beings. The Yoga Hive team is excited to walk the walk with Manduka, and by shopping at Yoga Hive, you help us to make a difference. Together! As modern-day yogis we know – better choices mean a better tomorrow for all of us.

Aspire higher with Onzie

onzie canada


ETHICALLY MADE IN USA Did you know that Onzie is 100% made in the USA? All parts of Onzie process including knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution and design all happen in Los Angeles, CA.

CREATED BY A YOGI FOR YOGIS Created by a 20 year Bikram Yogi, Onzie blends the best of traditional yoga wear with modern innovation and a touch of whimsy. The result? Active apparel that is functional, flexible and flattering. Their philosophy is “keep your practice challenging, and your wardrobe simple!” Onzie’s no-frills one-pieces and separates are best worn while sweating, swimming, or simply lounging around. In keeping with the principle of being inclusive, rather than exclusive, Onzie is affordably-priced and suitable for all activities and practices. Onzie products are made with love in southern California.

PERFORMANCE-FOCUS Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable, this fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Onzie yoga gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running or hooping. Onzie clothes can be worn as everyday wear or into chlorine and salt water environments. You can transition in and out of yoga postures as seamlessly as you can the rest of your day. From straps to bottom, Onzie helps keep your body in check. You’ll feel supported from the inside and out…shaping the entire body. So embrace the awareness of your being, sense your core, and feel secure. Focus on your strength and beauty. And for goodness sake, forget about those so-called flaws. You’re perfectly you.

Sizing charts:

If you are between sizes, we suggest trying the smaller size as the fabric is quite stretchy and will form to fit your body as you move and sweat in them.

Onzie tops are designed for low impact activities and do not contain padding inserts.
They are fully lined for maximum support. 

New Streetwear and Yoga Clothing from Hard Tail Forever

What’s buzz-worthy this week? One of the original labels in workout apparel and streetwear is available in our store, right now! Check out Hard Tail Forever, born and always 100% made in the USA, available in Canada through Yoga Hive.



What’s a Hard Tail anyways?

A Hard Tail is slang for someone who is physically fit, particularly someone who has a muscular rear end. The term dates back to 1960’s fighter pilots, and stuck with founder Dick Cantrell, later finding its way onto their labels in stores across the world.


The Story

More on that pilot heritage.. Hard Tail was conceived by a retired US fighter pilot turned retailer. If that doesn’t make for an interesting story, we don’t know what would. The founder, Cantrell, lauched the brand in 1992 after seeing a need for stylish and functional clothes for the gym that could be just as easily worn out. Blurring the lines of activewear and streetwear, Hard Tail’s iconic designs were born. Moving from gyms, to studios for dance, and finally yoga, the brand now arguably has some of the most unique designs available in activewear today.


The Products

Hard Tail Forever Contour Rolldown Wide Leg PantHard Tail Forever Long Sleeve V Neck HoodieHard Tail Forever Slouchy Cardigan

Hard Tail’s clothes might also be the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. The fabrics are made by American mills and are (contrary to the name) seriously soft. Their most popular bottoms, the Rolldown waist flared pant (pictured on the left), are a stylish and insanely comfortable pair of flared pants for before, after and during any workout.

Hard Tail also prides itself on their prints, with over 100 colour codes in their manufacturing arsenal. Pictured centred is the Long Sleeve V Neck Hoodie in a unique rainbow print. This light top layer is perfect with your favourite yoga pants or jeans.

Finally, the Slouchy Cardigan featured on the right — a sweater so soft we can’t be convinced to take it off. Lucky, it’s versatile enough to be worn dressed up (over an actual dress) or down (with jeans or yoga pants). It’s also surprising light and perfect for travel. We think you’ll love it as much as we do.


It’s in the details.

Check out our full selection of products from Hard Tail forever, and note the materials and designs. Almost every piece is unique in it’s composition, and the textiles are perfect matched to the specific product and intended use. Hard Tail is true to the level of quality that they pride themselves on, and designed to last.


Keep moving, be… a Hard Tail!



Yoga Meditation for Wherever You Are

yoga meditation with mala beads

The biggest barrier to yoga meditation is not believing you have time for it! We love our favourite yoga instructors because they do a great job of integrating meditation into their classes. They make it easy. After all, nothing beats leaving your class feeling both the effects of your workout, while also feeling the sense of calm we love to get from yoga. For all the times when you’re not practicing, you should still strive to feed your mental clarity through meditation.
The good news? You only need about 3-5 minutes each day to get started, and you really can meditate (almost) anywhere! So, whether you’re outside for a walk, on a lunch break or even lying in bed — start small, wherever you already are. Take a few minutes each day to clear your head and create your own meditation regime. Sit in a comfortable position, and take the points below as a great starting point.


Strive to make relaxation your first defence against stress, and start with relaxation when you meditate. Ensure you’re in an environment that is free of stimulation, and focus your energy on stopping thoughts that impede on your relaxation. It’s perfectly okay if something comes to mind. Acknowledge it, and tell yourself you’ll resolve it later. Focus on what’s happening right now, and be happy and grateful for yourself.


Take everything you do with your breathing in your favourite yoga class with you when you meditate. Sit straight and breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose, exhaling and repeating. Breathing is at the core of meditation, and the benefits are immeasurable. Breathe like it’s all that your life depends on (after all, it is).


A lot has been also written about the many benefits of smiling. So, remember not to take life too seriously and smile while you meditate. Smiling relaxes more than just your face, and it will show in your mood after mediating, and likely for the rest of your day.
Meditation is a personal journey, but it need not be more complicated than starting with these steps. Do what works for you!
yoga meditation with mala beads

For those that want to take it a step further, we recommend meditating with mala beads. We love wearing Mala Collective‘s line of meditation beads, which are handmade and blessed in Bali. Apart from being functional for our daily regime, they serve as a constant reminder of the good energy that meditation brings us every day!


Keep moving, be… relaxed.



Extended Shorts Sale! Get 25% off all Yoga Shorts

UPDATE: We’ve extended our shorts sale for one more week! Use code: Shorts2014, valid until Thursday, November 27th!
Endless Summer! This week, save 25% on all of our favourite yoga shorts. With a variety of fits that will take you through any yoga class (and so much more) in comfort and style, now is your perfect chance to stock up and save! We love the shorts we sell for their awesome style and versatility, and we know you love them too.


Yoga Shorts Free Shipping Canada

Featured here are Shakti’s signature side-string shorts in Halftone Haze Graphite, and their Knee High Shorts with the Into The Deep print. As all of Shakti’s products, these are 100% proudly designed and produced in beautiful Brazil.


Did we mention these shorts are versatile? Sure, they’re your go-to for hot yoga, but they’re also ideal for

running, cycling, dance and more. For colder months, the Coolform Light material is also ideal as a comfortable and supportive first layer for everything you do in the great outdoors. Shakti’s proprietary material is so light and soft that you’ll forget you’re wearing them. And with their bright and colourful prints, no one else will.


Check out all of our options — with two dozen shorts on sale right now, this is your chance to stock up on the best yoga shorts of the season! And of course, we always have free shipping across Canada to make getting your next pair quick and easy! Shop now and be sure to use code Shorts2014 at the checkout.


Keep moving, be… a shorty!



Buying Your Yoga Clothes Online

Skakti yoga clothes canada

Want to translate your unique sense of style into your yoga clothes? Looking to break away from the all-black bottom scene and rock the kind of yoga apparel that will make people ask where you shop?

We’re on the same page then. And we’ve taken the guesswork and uncertainty out of shopping online, by offering brands and products that make it easy to find your perfect size!

Yoga clothes that fit.

Take Onzie, for example. Their huge catalog of tops and printed bottoms is actually designed to make selecting your size as easy as choosing from just three or four options, as below. Their yoga clothes stretch and form to your body, so the very thing we love about our yoga apparel is what makes it so easy to find your perfect fit online:




Did we mention we’re in love with Onzie’s graphic leggings? The special process they use for the legging below allows them to match the print to the layout of the pants for this unique effect.

Onzie yoga clothes canadaOnzie yoga clothes canada

The most exciting part? Most of Onzie’s prints are limited-run pieces. Which is to say that they retire styles each and every season and introduce more prints. (In case you ever needed more assurance that these bottoms are unique.)


Brazilian design, easy sizing

It’s a similar story with another great company — Shakti. The Brazilain designed and produced label has broken their sizes down into just three (small, medium or large) for tops and bottoms (size charts on all Shakti product pages).

Shakti yoga clothes canadaShakti yoga clothes canada


We know that shopping online can be intimidating at first, especially for something as intimate as the clothes we practice yoga in. Rest assured though, we only carry the very best brands, with easy sizing options to make shopping online for your apparel a breeze. We also offer FREE shipping on all orders, so your next go-to tops and bottoms are really just a few more clicks away.

As always, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter if you have any product questions!


Keep moving, be… comfortable.



Can Yoga Pants Better Your Karma?

What drives the team at Yoga Hive? Why do we do what we do? There’s a reason behind each product and brand that we carry, and we get excited about every curated addition to our store for a good reason. How can buying yoga pants bring you good karma? Simple — buy yoga pants and apparel from companies that do good with their products, and you’ve already made a positive step forward. The two labels whose yoga bottoms we currently sell are some of our favourite companies to wear in and out of yoga class.

Shakti-Yoga-Capris     Onzie-Yoga-Capris


We love the story behind Shakti. The brand originates from Rio De Janero, Brazil, and is an amazing combination of the eastern philosophy that drives their focus and the rich culture of  Rio which shines through in the cuts and colours of their apparel. Originally designed by a yoga teacher with a background in swimwear, the brand launched based on a need for comfortable hot yoga clothing in Brazil. The brand’s signature shorts and pants are now often imitated, but Shakti is the best at what they do any it shows in the quality of their fabrics and stitching. Shakti still produces all of its products ethically in Brazil, and the materials (Lycra and Airfit Microfiberfabrics) and quality is like no other.


Onzie is best known for its diverse collection of patterned capri pants and leggings, and for being one of the most affordable options for quality yoga pants. What some may not know is that unlike many of their competitors (especially at their price point), Onzie is 100% designed and ethically produced in the United States. As a completely vertically-integrated company, Onzie is one of few large-scale manufacturers of yoga bottoms that can make this claim. From the manufacturing and dying of the materials, to the sewing of the product itself, Onzie puts a focus not only on quality buy on ethical business practice around all of their products — right in downtown Los Angles.

There’s a reason we only deal with the companies that are conscious of their corporate responsibility. We want YogaHive, and your experience on our website, to make you feel great about the apparel you choose to be in at our favourite time of each day — yoga class.

We love online shopping because, more than anything, it gives us choice. Fitness and yoga are so universally practiced that there is no shortage of options when it comes to apparel — we think this is a good thing. But it can also be easy to fill your online shopping cart without learning the stories behind the companies that make yoga products. (And in some cases, it can be difficult to find out even where a product is produced before seeing the label once you’ve already purchased it.) Luckily, companies that are transparent about their products and processes are only a few clicks away. Currently, between the lines we carry for Shakti and Onzie, we have over 75 different yoga and fitness pants and shorts available through our online store. We also have a lot more coming soon, including new products from Hard Tail Forever (another awesome, domestically-manufactured company). We’re very proud to say that you can join us in feeling great about buying any of these products!


Keep moving. Be… Conscious.


*NEW* Onzie’s Fall 2014 Collection

Onzie Fall 2014 Quicksand

Out with the old and in with the new! We’re currently selling out on the last of Onzie’s limited edition prints for the summer, and welcoming the latest collection for Fall 2014! Onzie is releasing even more awesome prints and styles in their Mystic Metal themed collection for Fall and YogaHive is excited to announce that we’ll have many more styles and prints from Onzie in stock next week, including more yoga pants (capris and long leggings), tops and also men’s yoga shorts!

Mixing solids and prints has always been a harmonious combination, and it’s never been easier or more colourful than with Onzie’s latest collection for Fall! Pictured below is the Gold Coins print, available in the Capri Pant and Long Legging, and featured on top of this page is the bright and fun blue Quicksand print on the Onzie Long Legging. Wear these statement pieces with a solid top such as the X Back Bra Top for an easy and unique look for your next Yoga class, Spin Class, or run around the neighbourhood.

Onzie Fall 2014 Gold Coins

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Check out Onzie’s Fall Collection video below for more inspiration, and keep your eyes on our online store — new styles will be arriving shortly!

Onzie This Fall from The Onzie Crew on Vimeo.

Keep moving. Be… Autumn.


Product Review: Manduka Yoga Mats

Bring on the best!

We all strive to reach new personal bests and to perfect every pose we attempt, and we all know the importance of being supported in our practice of Yoga. A Great yoga session deserves a supportive and comfortable yoga mat, and Manduka may have perfected the very surface we do our yoga on.

What’s different about Manduka yoga mats? We love Manduka because of their commitment to sustainable product development and manufacturing. Manduka’s mats are ethically produced in Germany from the most sustainable materials possible, often utilizing biodegradable components. They’re also sustainable because they are designed to last a lifetime, and like no other yoga mat, come with a lifetime guarantee. Really.

For those looking for the most support and extremely dense construction (and a selection of bright and muted colours), the Manduka PRO series is very likely the standard in luxurious yoga mats.

YogaHive Manduka PRO yoga mat

This really is the mother of all yoga mats, and one that you’ll often find at the front of the class — chosen by many yoga instructors as a go-to mat in all styles of yoga.

Many times though, you may prefer a lighter mat and this is where the design of the Manduka PROlite series came from. Although not as thick as the PRO series, the PROlite offers support for any style of yoga, in a lighter design that’s easier to carry around town.

In either case, Manduka’s mats have become particularly popular for Hot Yoga due to their ability to prevent slipping regardless of how much sweat is brought into the equation.

Check out our full selection of Manduka’s products, and treat yourself to the ultimate in support and comfort. In addition, be sure to check out some of the awesome mat carriers, yoga bags, towels and other accessories from Manduka we have in our store!


Keep moving. Be supported.


Mala Beads for Better Yoga Meditation

Stop. Breathe. Yoga meditation can be a tricky task. Our daily environment isn’t always conducive to the idea of slowing down, and many aspects of our modern culture tends to undervalue the importance of reflecting on our existence. Still, we all seem to understand the benefits of yoga meditation, from reduced stress to increased concentration and greater happiness. For these reasons and countless others, we love how Mala beads compliment our yoga practice.

Mala Beads for Yoga Meditation

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The Mala Collective line was born out of a gained appreciation for the benefits of meditation and the healing qualities of Mala beads. Each piece from Mala Collective’s collection is handmade in Bali, Indonesia by professional mala makers. The jewelry is produced through a traditional process that incorporates traditional rudraksha seeds (which are crafted into beads) and different gemstones, each with their own spiritual benefit. Through an authentic approach to mala jewelry, we’ve found Mala Collective’s products are a great starting point for improving our mediation.

Getting started As it turns out, yoga mediation is easy with mala beads! Beginning by sitting cross legged in a comfortable position, one should hang a starting bead gently of a necklace or bracelet over the third or fourth finger of the left hand, reciting any mantra or personal message in intervals, pushing each bead away with the thumb after each repetition. The message is up to you — whether it be a simple ‘om’ or a specific aspect of your life you are grateful for.

Through repetition, consistency and the natural properties of the mala beads, we’ve found this form of meditation helps move our energy from the stresses of life to a focus on ourselves, our breathing and and eventually inner calmness. Even just by having a physical reminder of the benefits of meditation around our necks or wrists, we can all benefit from an increased appreciation for ourselves and our mediation. Check out our selection of Mala Collective’s products compliment our yoga practice. and start medicating with mala before your next yoga class!

Stay calm and Om on.