Chakra Yoga Challenge! Are you ready, Canada?

Have you noticed? Some days you feel centred and confident. Some days, you feel like it’s hard to concentrate and you are “floating in the clouds” all day. Sometimes we feel energetic, and sometimes we can feel other people’s good/bad energy!

But where does it come from? How is it measured? And how can we tweak it so we lead happier, more whole lives? If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while you might have heard about chakras already. Chakras are energy-infused areas of your body and they correspond to certain glands, nerve centres, and organs of the body. Chakras also correspond to various aspects of your body’s physical, physiological, emotional, and spiritual state.

Even if you don’t know much about chakras, most likely you have felt their energy before. Those butterflies in your stomach (second chakra), when you feel excited. The lump in your throat (firth chakra) when you are just about to say something important, or not saying something you want to express. Or that stabbing pain in your heart (fourth chakra), when someone has broken it?

chakra yoga challenge canada

There’s a lot of information available about chakras online, but the best way to get your chakras in balance, is to really feel them, listen to them, and be guided by their energy, so you become more balanced altogether. We thought what a better way to get to know our chakras than to practice listening to them together with you, and our community online? So, we decided to host OUR FIRST challenge – an 8-week chakra balancing challenge! Kicking off with the first chakra next Wednesday (August 20th, 2014)!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow us on Instagram@YogaHiveCanada
  2. Tune in to our blog here every Wednesday, to read up about each week’s chakra, and the ways we are going to balance it through the week. Remember, practice makes it perfect – so we will practice together. One chakra at a time! (Connect on Facebook, too, so you don’t miss anything important!)
  3. Post at least one photo per chakra every  week on Instagram, tag us and use hashtag #SpinMyChakras. Each photo will get you an entry into the draw – the more photos you post, the more chances you get of winning.

chakra yoga challenge - canada

What you’ll win:

At the end of this challenge, YOU might be one of the 3 randomly-chosen (lucky) *winners. And one of our prizes will help you to continue balancing your energy even after our challenge is over.

1st Prize – Mala  Collective’s Gorgeous Lava Mala Necklace 

2nd Prize – Mala Collective’s Chakra Bracelet 

3rd Prize – Mala Collectives Chakra Bracelet 


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Please also, comment on our posts here to share your stories and what you noticed about your chakra. What is your “favourite” chakra? Can you feel your tiny energy wheels? Maybe after a good yoga class? Or after a good chat with a girl-friend? Do share in the comments below!

This week’s homework: during your yoga practice or your meditation – tune in to your body more than you would normally. Try to feel your energy move. Truly feel your body, how it responds to your movements, or stillness. Notice how you feel throughout the day – do you feel happy, anxious, excited, bored? Where do you feel it in your body? Please share your observations in the comments below, or share your mood photos on Instagram! #SpinMyChakras

Looking forward to learning with you! Talk to you next week, when we discuss the first chakra (root, or  foundation chakra).

Keep moving. Spin Your Chakras! 


Important: everyone is welcome to participate, but the draw is open for Canadian residents only. This challenge runs until Wednesday, September the 8th. Winner will be announced and contacted on Instagram, within 7 business days. If we do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours, winners will be selected. 

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