Fresh Start. It always gets better.  

[New] :: already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time. With spring in full bloom in Vancouver, you can feel the energy shifting in the air, as everyone looks happier and more positive these days.

As I was walking from my meditation class this morning; the sun playing in my hair, the aroma or grass, magnolias, and all sorts of other wonderful Vancouver greenery teasing my nose. The warmth of the sun felt so good, and… almost so unfamiliar. After a long season of rain in Vancouver, it feels like you forget how good the sun feels on your skin, and you try to hold on to it for as long as you can. Being used to the grey sky, and fresh, moist air, you almost can’t believe that you get to enjoy this wonderful occurrence in nature – spring. And you forgot how good it feels. And then you think to yourself – wait, this is just the beginning. You are pretty certain. You know from the past, after spring comes summer, even a more wonderful, sun-filled season. Long days, warm, starry nights – endless beer refreshers on a patio. Hard to believe. In this very moment of this first sun experience of the year. But it’s true. Even better times are ahead. Naturally. That’s how nature works. It will deliver its promises – there will be more sun, more flowers, and then more rain with its gray simplicity.

While “practicing yoga off the mat” (the toughest kind of yoga) I couldn’t help but relate this to the everyday living. In our relationships, in our career, we get caught up in “this is the way it is” “this is the way it’s always been… We forget how good it could feel. We begin to tolerate. We get used to… We compromise and adjust ourselves to the situation, the environment we are in. The thing is, it could feel better. In fact, it SHOULD feel good. Let’s get used to the “feeling good” as our natural state, not the other way around. That being said…. Expect the fall to be back. But never lose the feeling of anticipation of summer. Enjoy all seasons. Don’t get stuck in one or the other. Breathe. Notice. Allow. Trust.


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