Grounding Practices: root down to rise up

Guest Post by Oksana Yatsenko | Founder UMA YOGA

One of the most important practices that I go through in my daily yoga practice routine and in my teaching is a practice of grounding. We live a very hectic lifestyle, and it is taking its toll on our nervous system and on our ability to feel strong and centred (even during our yoga class).

Grounding practice is referred to in many yoga styles and traditions of yoga, in Flow, Yin and Kundalini styles of yoga that I teach. I offer grounding exercises and poses like the following basic techniques:

  • First, become aware of the earth beneath you. Sit up tall in easy meditation pose and feel the support beneath you. Breathe your sit bones down into the mat, and breathe the top of your head into the sky… Feel like growing taller with each breath.
  • Second, balancing poses. Before coming into a standing balancing pose like Natarajasana (dancer), or Vrikshasana (tree) feel for the support of the earth beneath your standing leg and apply even pressure with all surface of the foot against the floor. Send your exhales down into the earth and your inhales up the whole body and through the crown of your head to stabilize your balancing pose.
  • Third, Shavasana (corpse pose). While laying in Shavasana bring your awareness to the nourishing and supporting qualities of the earth energy and absorb some of its strength and stability into your body and your awareness. Become still and stable like the earth. Keep your breath long and deep. Inhale and exhale completely with each breath.

Last, walking out of your yoga class and out into the world don’t forget to take grounding practice with you. As you go about your daily activities remember to refer to the earth when you need to feel strong and supported. All you need is to pay attention to how your feet are touching the earth and stand up taller pressing down and rising up at the same time. This will improve your mood, give you energy and will take care of any doubts or weaknesses you might be feeling in the moment.

Happy practicing, NAMASTE
Oksana Yatsenko | Founder UMA YOGA


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