Make time for your yoga practice, no matter what

How busy were you this week? Most people answer this question with ‘extremely’ . We all strive to balance our work and family and social life, moving through the week with the velocity that keeps us so very, very productive. We know the importance of taking care of ourselves, but it’s easy to get lost in the momentum of life.

Set a time for yoga

If your body can accommodate, make the decision to practice every day. Adopt a routine, and gently remind yourself that you will follow through every day. Commit.

Generally the best time to practice yoga is the morning or evening, but really any time that you can consistently devote to yoga is sufficient. By making it a goal to practice every day and following through, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment before you even step on your yoga mat. You’ll feel better every day — mentally and physically. You’ll feel it as soon as your body makes contact with the mat and throughout the session as your body releases endorphins from the asanas you move through.

Stay consistent

Set yourself up for successes. Prepare mentally for each session and wear comfortable clothing, especially yoga pants that allow you to move freely, and practice on a supportive yoga mat. Bring additional cushions or blocks of needed, and always practice on an empty stomach. Turn off your phone and focus on only the incoming messages inside your own mind.

It’s important to always finish with Savasana (corpse pose) no matter when you practice or what you have going on after your class. The importance of relaxing after your practice outweighs any other schedule, and you need to appreciate yoga in your life guilt free.

Practice with a partner or friend

Do yoga with a friend or significant other. Finding a companion for your practice will help keep you to keep you on track. Ensure you’re both on the same page and ready to make your body and mind a priority every day.

Take it outside of the studio

Practice small elements of yoga throughout the day — especially breathing. Inhale and exhale as if you’re in practice every chance you get, especially if the world tries to overwhelm you. Stretch in your chair. Stretch in the elevator. The more regular your practice the more you will benefit from it.

We have a tendency to become creatures of routine focused on putting mutual goals or the goals of others ahead of our own — our society demands it. Use Yoga to break the systems you may follow in work and other aspects of your life and thriving in all aspects of life will become easier. Making time for yourself is critical to sustenance, and there’s no better way than through the practice of meditation and yoga.

Yoga will keep you strong and balanced, both mentally and physically. Your body and your mind knows when you’ve been taking the time to breathe, so try it now — Breathe.



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