Introducing Judy Swens, Brand Ambassador

We’re excited to announce and welcome our first Brand Ambassador, Judy Swens.

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“The love of movement, as a figure skater, lead to the love of yoga. A need for more peace, through life challenges, lead to a deeper practice. The healing of yoga instils a burning desire to share yoga.”






Among many other things, Judy Swens is an accomplished yoga teacher based out of Vancouver and the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Judy believes yoga allows you to live in the moment and let go, creating a free mind, body, and heart. Yoga is for everybody and all levels are welcome. Alignment is emphasized with creating an awareness of breath. Lila, or play is an essential ingredient to allow each person to shine brightly. Whether through a new pose, a sutra, poem, or a joke; Judy wishes that you leave the mat with a different perspective.

A life long student of yoga, Judy took her first 200 hour teacher training with Dan Clement (owner of Open Source Yoga). She further studied a Vinyasa intensive with Tina James (owner of Whistler Jivamukti) and mentored with Janet Corvino (manager of NeoWhistler, and owner of Soul City Yoga). Through attending Wanderlust Whistler, Judy is influenced by teachers Siva Rea, Giselle Mari, Seane Corn, and Rod Stryker.

Judy is a co-creator of Prakriti Yoga Retreat and the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival. If you wish to practice with her at home, she is also part of theNamaste TV season 3 and 4 series.  As an ambassador for, Judy is involved with our spreading yoga and expanding our community and contributes guest blog posts.

For more from Judy, please visit: 

We welcome Judy aboard with open arms, and are ecstatic to be working with her!



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