Morning Yoga: Why It’s Better

Morning Yoga

At the end of a usual day, what do you remember the most? The tons of emails that you tackled that day, the exhausting meetings you had at work, the pile of clothes that you folded and placed in the drawers or do you remember your 45 minutes of yoga? If you remember your yoga then you have reason enough to move it to the start of the day. Morning is the best time to practice yoga. There are some common reasons which we won’t talk about in this article. We assume you already know about the healing effect of the morning sun and the fresh dose of oxygen, etc. etc. We are going to give you five too-good-to-be-ignored reasons to motivate you to practice a little morning yoga everyday.

1. That’s What Nature Wants

After we wake up and as soon as we have checked our phone for any notifications (let’s admit that’s the first thing we do), our body likes to stretch on its own. We involuntarily pull off some real good stretching asanas at that moment. That’s because it’s natural. It’s our body’s way of waking our muscles from sleep. Which is exactly why it’s a great time to freshen up and do some stretching. Your body will be light and flexible and you will be able to perform your yoga better. Having trouble acing that Sirsa Padasana? Try doing it in the morning.

Sirsa Padasana
Sirsa Padasana

2. You Won’t Find A Better “Me-time”

Once the day begins you are going to be caught in a race. There will be people, messages, phone calls, chores and crisis-control. The busy-ness will never let you find even five minutes to yourself. There are chances you might end up missing your evening yoga class. But early in the morning, things are still mute. The world is still slow and you can spend some time in it alone, at peace and doing yoga. Just as you like it.

3. You Will Breathe Better The Whole Day

If you set your rhythm correctly in the start of the day, your body will swing to it the rest of the day too. Yoga is all about correct breathing techniques. Inhale and exhale. Not only will you be inhaling good fresh air, but you will also be training your lungs to breathe healthier from that moment on.

Morning Yoga

4. Your Yoga Will Be More Effective

Have you been doing yoga to lose weight? Or are you trying to get a perfect and fit body? Or maybe you are trying to soothe your system and fight some disease. Whatever your yoga goal, you will reach it quicker if you do your yoga in the mornings. Your asanas will be more powerful and their strength will be able to hit your core.

5. Get Yourself The Perfect Routine

Yoga teaches us to be regular and persistent. When we try to squeeze our yoga class into our maddening days, no matter how crazy it gets, we are being persistent and determined. If we move our yoga to the morning, it will make us wake up on time and get a head start on everything that needs our attention. And the best result is the extra time you’ll find in the evening for other things you love. Like reading a book. Playing with your pet. Or trying a new salad recipe. Morning yoga is the precursor of a healthy lifestyle.

Morning Yoga

When the birds are singing and you still haven’t checked your emails. When there is no stress on your mind. That’s the best time to do yoga. Give it a try and you’ll know for yourself. And by the way, sun salutations work best with the sun. Namaste!

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