Move your body. Still your mind.

When we were working on our branding, and name concepts with our marketing team, we set a vision of what we wanted to translate with this venture of ours. The main question we asked ourselves was – what is it that we wanted to bring into the world? Just another yoga clothing store? Or an online yoga store that inspires? We wanted to lift people higher. We wanted to inspire with movement and authenticity. We envisioned a business that connected others on their yoga journey – a purposeful business. When the Yoga Hive name appeared in front of us, we knew that was it…

Hive – the community of yogis.

We drew inspiration from bees –  you know, they are always moving. But, one of the most brilliant thing about bees is – their movement is always on purpose. They never fly around, just to fly around. They are super-efficient – they always know what their purpose is, and they are busy moving around, happily fulfilling their life’s purpose – to pollinate flowers, and make honey.

Just like bees, we humans, need to constantly move, to keep out bodies young, and our spirit happy. As they say, healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.

Move your body: however your body wants to move – yoga, zumba, pilates, dancing, running – your options are unlimited.

Now, just like bees, not all movement would bring us fulfillment. Just like bees, we need to stay on-purpose at all times, and that is possible only when our minds are still and light. When we are not going on “an autopilot”, but are 100% aware, completely present, in the moment – no matter what we are doing – that’s the moment we are connecting to our true purpose.

Still your mind – meditate: just a few minutes a day, in complete silence and stillness would make a huge difference to your day. Have the discipline to meditate at least 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes before going to bed at night.


Keep moving. Be…


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