I don’t have time to meditate…

… but do you have time to feel like crap? I don’t remember when I heard this phrase for the first time, but it’s so, so true… I was having a conversation with my “non-yogi” friend, where she was telling me how inflexible she was, and how yoga was slow and boring, and how she simply couldn’t do yoga or mediate, because her mind was too noisy. The truth is, I can totally get her. It was me before I started practicing yoga.. I thought exactly the same way until I realized that….

1. there are many types of yoga…

Every yoga studio in your city offers different types of yoga classes – slow, fast, mellow or energetic. A few of my favourite yoga classes in Vancouver, Canada:

  • Kundalini yoga class with Gloria Latham at Semperviva Yoga – a fun and energetic class, that will make you sweat, dance, jump, and cool down at the end. Perfect for the busy minds.
  • Yoga Barre with Will Blunderfield at Chopra Yoga – the most eccentric and quirky yoga class you’d ever attend. Will is an artist, so his classes are classy and sassy. If you need a little doze of inspiration on a Monday afternoon, this class will do it for ‘ya!
  •  Hot Yoga with Anila Lacroix at YYOGA – Anila’s classes are full of wisdom and gentle care for the students. She will guide you through the practice, where you can make up your own rules, while practicing in a safe environment.
  • Hot Yin Yoga with Sandra Stephenson at Chopra Yoga. – an extremely relaxing, mellow class to stretch the body and the soul. You will feel like you just left a spa..

2. there are so many ways to meditate…

You don’t have to become a dreadlocks-wearing yogi to be able to experience the benefits of meditation. You can take a meditation class at a yoga studio. You can sit and just breathe for as little as 3 minutes a day (to start with). Make sure you sit comfortably, and feel good in your body, so nothing distracts you – wear comfortable yoga clothes, or prop yourself up on a yoga block, or a pillow to find the right position for you. If you find your mind to be super active, try using mala beads for meditation, by counting them as your breathe in, breathe out.

You can also try a walking meditation – turn off that iPod, and focus on the sounds around you, as well as your breath and your feet as you take each step. (Kudos to the amazing Heather White for introducing the idea of a walking meditation to me a few years back).

…you can also meditate while unloading the dishwasher. Try to focus on your breathing as you do it.

The key is to be mindful, no matter what you do.

3. the more you meditate, the more time you have…

I know, this one may sound counter-productive, but it’s true. The reason behind it is that you become so much more aware of where your time goes, so you become more selective with how you (choose) to spend your day. You become more efficient at work, as your mind is so much more clear. You make better decisions. And you are more satisfied with what you have in the moment, so you are not chasing the never-ending goals, and actually give yourself a little break to just “be” and enjoy your day, so it feels like you achieve more. And again, you don’t have to meditate for hours. Just mere 5 minutes in the morning / evening is a great start.

Once you know *how good* it makes you feel, you will *make* time for your daily meditation practice…

How about you? What is your favourite yoga class? How do YOU meditate? How did you start? Please share in the comments below, and don’t forget to include a link to your favourite studio / teacher.

Namaste. Keep moving. Be… {still}


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