November mantra: stay positive

practice what you preach


Hello, November!

We are only two months away from the new year and, as usual, it’s the time for contemplation, goal-setting, and re-evaluation of our priorities. We decided to switch things around a little bit and start thinking about plans and goals in November. We want to enter December fresh and un-cluttered, so there’s no “pressure” to set the goals, but pure enjoinment to take all the festivities in, without the overwhelm of it. Are you with us on this one? If yes, tune in to our blog every Wednesday to press a fresh button.

Practice what you preach.

This month, we are launching a new series – Practice What You Preach – to remind ourselves what we believe in and to check in if we indeed practice our values and beliefs. Do we truly practice what we preach as yogis?

Do we always stay positive?

Do we always show compassion for each other?

Do we always have the patience for people around us?


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