Outdoor Yoga – 5 Ideas You Must Try This Summer

Yoga In The Sun

We just love taking hot yoga classes and we love the after effects. But here’s a fact, yoga is meant to be practiced outdoors. If you didn’t know that already, you have got to try it once to understand why. Originally, thousands of years back, Yoga was practiced by Brahmins and Rishis in Northern India under the skies where they used to meditate and preach. Also because breathing is an integral part of Yoga , Yoga practice is meant to be done in the open. If you breathe correctly, you can multiply the effect of your Yoga Asanas. So wouldn’t you rather breathe the fresh summer air than the recycled carbon in your yoga studio?

Yoga Hive has taken time out of fetching you Yoga Fashion and has put together 5 great outdoor yoga ideas you have to try this summer. They are just too good! Here goes:

1. Paddleboard Yoga

Picture yourself practicing classic yoga poses while floating on a paddleboard in the middle of the blue ocean. It adds just the right amount of adventure and helps train you for better balance. You can always pick the asanas that destress you the most or you can start with the ones that you are most comfortable with. Sitting poses are generally easier to do on a paddleboard. By the way, it’s also called yoga boarding and did you know that most of the yoga wear that we offer on our website is water friendly? Get ready, already!

2. Yoga Festivals

Some yogis do like to practice yoga in isolation, but for those who love travelling and meeting the Yoga community, yoga festivals are the best summer vacations. A good yoga festival will always teach you something new, help you meet more people who share the same passion and bring you closer to nature (most of the yoga sessions are held under the clear blue skies). Some yoga festivals will even offer live music, amazing organic food options and of course, a chance to explore a completely new place. Here’s a website that can help keep you updated – www.yogafestival.com or you can always wanderlust! (They are coming to Whistler in July , by the way)

3. Yoga at Sunrise

The first rays of the morning sun have healing powers that can never be bottled in a medicine or a tablet. And when you add to that the power of yoga, you have yourself the best remedy to many serious ailments. Did you know that waking up before the sun, brings your body in harmony with the rhythm of the universe? And your health improves, as your body heals from inside. If our hectic urban work routines don’t allow us to do this every day, we can definitely take in some healing yoga at sunrise during these beautiful summer weekends.

4. Yoga in the mountains

We are Canadians, and we are always close to the mountains. Maybe a weekend getaway or maybe a 45 minute long drive, but we promise you, it will be worth it. There is a charming mystery that engulfs you when you are in the mountains. Practicing Yoga in a place which is already soothing your senses, will help heighten your sensitivity and make your soul relax. You will be closer to the nature, and you will feel motivated to push yourself harder. Your yoga session in the mountains, might even help you crack that headstand pose you have been struggling with for weeks.

5. Barefoot yoga on the grass

Where yoga originated, it had its own lists of do’s and don’ts. And one very interesting do, was doing Yoga barefoot on the grass. Especially on grass with morning dew. It is believed that when your feet come in touch with the grass, the contact releases pressure waves in your body that make you live a longer healthier life. It’s like a quick morning detox. You might need to look for an even spot because you are used to the smooth surface of a mat. Don’t let the grass or the mud or any tiny bugs bother you, enjoy being in touch with nature.

We hope we have convinced you to give at least one of these a shot, this summer. The amazing collection of yoga wear, accessories and props at YogaHive.ca are all there to help make your experience stylish and trendy! Do share your pictures or experience with us in the comments below. Or you can also get in touch with us on facebook and instagram. We are never tired of any yoga stories!

Best of luck, yogis! Keep moving… with YogaHive.ca

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