The Prakriti Yoga Retreat, from Judy Swens and Nicole Fowler

Prakriti = Nature

Prakriti is Sanskrit for nature, and is defined as any unconscious matter. When we look at a maple tree in the fall with the leaves changing colours we know this is nature unfolding as the seasons change. But how are humans equal yet different from nature?

Indeed Nature is a confusing thing to define. Mackinnon, author of The Once And Future World: Nature as it Was, as it Is, as it Could Be makes a great point about this very question. He states:

“The question of whether humans are a part of nature or stand apart from it has probably been debated since the day of the first campfire. In one sense, the answer is obvious enough: whether you believe human beings are the result of a lengthy process of evolution or a sudden act of divine grace, there is no question that we are flesh-and-blood animals, carbon-based life forms spun from the same celestial dust as the rest of creation. At the same time, we have always sought to define ourselves as separate from all other species, whether through our capacity for self-awareness and rational thought or the presumed existence of the human soul.”

Now consider the Sanskrit word Purusa, which means consciousness or spirit. It is Purusa which is infused within Prakriti that gives Nature its animated spirit. As emobodied beings, humans need to understand Prakriti to fully gain awareness of the ‘self’. Prakriti constitutes the three Gunas as listed below:

  1. Tamas – passivity, inertia, heaviness, and dullness of existence. This is the cause of hunger, thirst, grief, fear, and confusion.
  2. Rajas – activity, excitement, and passion. The results are lust, greed, and all desires – good and bad.
  3. Sattva – wholesomeness, harmony, lucidity, and beauty. The result peace and goodness.

These Gunas are considered to be what affects the combination of electrons, protons, and neutrons (all matter) forming our universe. These are also not limited to our bodies or the ecosystem of planet Earth — they include our thoughts, our personalities, experiences, as well as any desires and manifestations.

The Prakriti Yoga Retreat was created out of the belief that everything is connected and when we yogis connect with our mind, body, and soul in a natural setting, we gain more clarity. This allows for a more clear vision of who we are and what we truly desire to accomplish. Nicole Fowler and I wish to use Yoga as a platform to begin generating an awareness of Prakriti. We will be offering daily morning meditation, and up to three yoga classes in the styles of hatha, vinyasa, and yin. There will be time to reflect and enjoy the pristine beach out front of the eco-friendly Pranamar Villas. This area known as the Nicoya Peninsula was chosen as it offers the perfect oasis for an amazing adventure into Nature itself.

For a limited time enjoy 10% off the retreat price starting at $1200.00 USD. This includes yoga, all meals, accommodation, and taxes. Note, airfare is separate. All details are online at


Keep moving, be… connected.

Yoga clothing canada Brand Ambassador Judy Swens is an accomplished yoga teacher based out of Vancouver and the beautiful Sunshine Coast. She is a co-creator of Prakriti Yoga Retreat and the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival and you can also find Judy on theNamaste TV series, season 3 and 4. Judy believes in the power of yoga to allow us to live in the moment, and transform our perspective.


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