Printed leggings: excellent in form and function

Do you love printed leggings?

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article about printed leggings and how popular they’ve become. While some people are only starting to catch on to the trend, we’ve loved patterned leggings for a long time!

It’s easy to see why graphic leggings are so popular. Onzie Malibu capri sports a beautiful design that draws attention away from the hip and onto areas of movement, further down the leg. Quoting Onzie owner Kimberly Swarth, “Prints hide everything and enhance all the right parts.” We love brands like Onzie because their products excel in both form and function, allowing you to look good while having a hard workout.

We also love patterned leggings because they’re so flexible. Puns aside, it’s easy to match a pair of printed leggings to a simple tank top, T-shirt, or whatever is convenient and easily available. Because graphic leggings stand out by themselves, you can afford to wear a simple top without running the risk of having a generic look.

Last of all, we love patterned leggings because they’re unique and fun. There are so many designs to choose from! Browse through our Onzie catalogue and you’ll see dozens of unique and beautiful designs. It’s hard not to find an outfit suited to your personal tastes!

Whether you wear them to make a statement, for convenience or simply for fun, graphic leggings are sure to keep you happy and enthusiastic during your workout. Interested in grabbing a pair for your own? We provide free shipping to Canada on orders over $50!

Wear a pair of printed leggings and feel the difference.

Look good, feel good. Keep moving. 


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