Product Review: Affirmats Yoga Mats

Despite yoga being so popular, it’s surprising how many people still think that yoga is about stretching. The more I practice yoga the more I learn how multidimensional it is. Every year, in the past 8 years, I learn something new about yoga. I am not super flexible by nature, and while, of course, I do notice physical changes in my body, the most important transformation I find the way I can bring my yoga practice from the mat and into the world. It took me so long to actually understand that yoga is actually about learning how to bring your yoga theory to practice it daily, in real life.

They say: how (well) you practice yoga on the mat, is how (well) you will be able to practice it OFF the mat. So, it seems the answer comes naturally – you really have to make sure your yoga mat supports you on your journey. And I can’t tell you how excited I was to open that Affirmats Yoga Mats box when it arrived at the YogaHive HQ.

Of course, I had to test-drive one of them… I was familiar with the brand, from the Internet, but I’ve never seen one in “person” so it was especially exhilarating to step on my “ Breathe in Love” Affirmat, and feel its funky jute texture.

Affirmats Yoga Mats - Canada - Free shipping - by Yoga Hive affirmats yoga mats - canada - free shipping - yoga hive

affirmats yoga mats - canada - free shipping

What’s cool about Affirmats is that they serve double purpose – they allow for a dynamic practice, while reminding you about your intention throughout your yoga class.

If you practice yoga at home, having it unrolled somewhere close to your bedroom, so you see it first thing in the morning when you get up, might be that little inspiration you need sometimes to start your day from the right foot. My Affirmat always makes me to do a handstand first thing in the morning… And while I am on it, I try to remind myself to breathe in love, for a more peaceful (rooted in the present moment) day ahead.

Keep moving. Be… present.


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