Show Your Love(s) Some Love.

February Love

February is a time for love. Of course, because Valentine’s Day is on the 14th, but also the non-romantic kind since in Canada most provinces celebrate Family Day. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario celebrate it on February 15 and British Columbians celebrate it on February 8.

So what is there to do during these times that would show your family or someone you care about that you, well, care? The answer is LOTS!

For starters, this year (regardless of what province you’re in), you’re in luck because these holidays fall on the weekend. For BC, that’s two weekends of back-to-back love fest. For the others, that’s one love-filled long weekend. Either way it’s a win-win.

Here are some ideas to get your started.

  1. A long weekend getaway. Take them someone special. A cabin in the woods, a quick weekend jaunt to the carribean (or Florida), or a spa. The idea is to get away from the everyday and treat yourself to something a little special that weekend.
  1. Have a dress-up dinner party at home. Cook up his or her favourite meal, put on your fancy slacks and your prettiest pearls, get your hair did and celebrate the love… chez soi (at home). It’s probably a little less expensive than a fancy dinner out, but equally fun. Make it black tie, or just wear your favourite little black dress. Either way, it’s your party.
  1. Couples yoga anyone? Meditating together and joining your chakras could be a spiritual experience you’ll both learn to love. It’s a great way to start the weekend and relax before you get into anything else.
  1. Bring the family together and take a trip down memory lane. Bring out all the old family albums and share in the love through the years. Whether it’s a decade or generations, recalling old family stories will make this a special weekend for everyone.
  1. You know what they say, the family that volunteers together… Wait, what? Regardless, why not spend an afternoon volunteering together wherever your passions lie. Whether it’s the local animal shelter walking the puppies, preparing sandwiches at the soup kitchen, sorting clothes at the donation sites, or… Bonding while helping others is a magical experience. You can even turn it into an annual family tradition.
  1. Leave love notes around the house for your special someone(s) to find. Turn it into a scavenger hunt with clues, or just leave them where you know they’ll eventually look. Finding little tokens when reaching for your hairbrush or socks is always a fun and heart-warming surprise anyone would love.

Make sure to share your plans with us for this year’s Family and Valentine’s Days. We’d love to hear how you celebrate those you love.

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