A soul mat story

Of course, I am bias. I love pretty things. Especially if they are related to yoga. Yoga mats, mala beads, fancy yoga pants. I don’t care about cars. But I love my Onzies.

Similarly, I simply adore my yoga mats. I have a relationship with all of my yoga mats. I have different yoga mats for hot yoga, yin yoga and for my power classes.

Now, of course I don’t have to have many yoga mats to be a yogi and to follow my yoga journey. However, I believe we are here, on this planet, for a reason, and I am going to use all of these earthly “tools” to enhance my yoga journey. And if you are like me – you love experimenting with different yoga styles – you want to make the most out of this experience, here’s a quick yoga mat guide for ‘ya:

Power yoga

You want your yoga mat to be super sticky. You need that firm grip that will give you an extra support in your kicks and balances. With a dynamic flow series like power yoga, you want to make sure you are not slipping and have a firm ground for your transitions. Manduka yoga mats are hard to beat in the stickiness space. These mats are solid for any advanced or exploring power yoga practitioner.

Yin Yoga

This mellow yoga practice is reflective and deep. You want your mat to be thick, as you will be spending quite some time on the floor (or your may want to have a yoga towel for extra padding). Most of the time you won’t be concerned with the grip, but more with the texture of your mat. Affirmats yoga mats are perfect for yin, as they also offer you a mantra to focus on during your practice. I am free. I am radiant. I am healthy, wealthy, wise. You are all of those things, and your mat will gracefully remind you about it during your practice.

Hot Yoga 

If you love a hot and sweaty yoga class, you will love these yoga mat towels from Affirmat and Manduka. Both brands offer fun colours and durable, super-absorbent, non-slip and are quick drying. Cover your mat and enjoy your practice! 

Keep moving. Namaste.

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