Spin + Yoga for Greater Balance

Yoga apparel for spin class

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more yogis in class sitting upright — on stationary bicycles. Many studios across Canada have offered spin for some time now (including the popular YYoga chain of studios) and yoga instructors are also moving towards also teaching spin classes, including the one and only Will Blunderfield (more on that below).

Why is spin so great? And why should yogis adopt spinning? (And what does a bicycle that can’t get you to and from class have to do with the 5000 year old practice of yoga?)

All great questions.

Spin is good for your body because it is one of the most cardio-vascular intense workouts that fitness exports can recommend you perform on a consistent basis. If you keep up with your instructor, it’s typical for your body to burn 500 calories an hour in the average spin class. That’s a significant level of activity, for a class that the majority of us can quickly fit into our morning.

However, the real benefits of this workout become apparently when you mix spinning with yoga. More cardio rocks, but even a low-impact activity like spin is repetitive for your body and causes your muscles to become fatigued and occasionally over-used. Yoga is ideal to stretch and naturally develop your muscles, and as you can likely already guess, fills the gap between working out and burning fat, and truly increasing strength and flexibility.

Spin is also fun! Classes typically follow a steady and engaging rhythm and tend to go by much faster than you would initially think. The bikes aren’t what you may think either — newer studios have modern machines that support movement in different directions, including the ability to lean from side to side to stimulate turning. In a neat row of stationary bikes, much of the sense of community that draws us to yoga is also present.

For our friends in beautiful Vancouver, Eastwood Sanctuary is a new spin studio that is drawing from yoga culture in a way that we can’t get enough of. At Eastwood, even shorter classes are available (45 minutes), in candle-lit rooms that feel more like a spa than a fitness centre.

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, at 154 W. Hastings in Vancouver
Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, at 154 W. Hastings in Vancouver

Additionally, Spin Society is another new studio opening this Fall, just outside of Yaletown. What’s exciting about this studio is the lead instructor behind it — none other than singer-song writer and yoga teacher Will Blunderfield.

We’re happy to say that our favourite brands have adopted the trend as well — Check out these spin capris from Onzie. These are similar to Onzie’s famous yoga capris and yoga pants, but have mesh around the back of the knees, specifically to make spinning and running more comfortable.

Perhaps you love the amazing benefits of yoga as much as we do, but recognize the need to do more cardio and improve your stamina. Yoga + Spin is the winning combination.

Keep moving, be… one with the cadence.



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