New Streetwear and Yoga Clothing from Hard Tail Forever

What’s buzz-worthy this week? One of the original labels in workout apparel and streetwear is available in our store, right now! Check out Hard Tail Forever, born and always 100% made in the USA, available in Canada through Yoga Hive.



What’s a Hard Tail anyways?

A Hard Tail is slang for someone who is physically fit, particularly someone who has a muscular rear end. The term dates back to 1960’s fighter pilots, and stuck with founder Dick Cantrell, later finding its way onto their labels in stores across the world.


The Story

More on that pilot heritage.. Hard Tail was conceived by a retired US fighter pilot turned retailer. If that doesn’t make for an interesting story, we don’t know what would. The founder, Cantrell, lauched the brand in 1992 after seeing a need for stylish and functional clothes for the gym that could be just as easily worn out. Blurring the lines of activewear and streetwear, Hard Tail’s iconic designs were born. Moving from gyms, to studios for dance, and finally yoga, the brand now arguably has some of the most unique designs available in activewear today.


The Products

Hard Tail Forever Contour Rolldown Wide Leg PantHard Tail Forever Long Sleeve V Neck HoodieHard Tail Forever Slouchy Cardigan

Hard Tail’s clothes might also be the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. The fabrics are made by American mills and are (contrary to the name) seriously soft. Their most popular bottoms, the Rolldown waist flared pant (pictured on the left), are a stylish and insanely comfortable pair of flared pants for before, after and during any workout.

Hard Tail also prides itself on their prints, with over 100 colour codes in their manufacturing arsenal. Pictured centred is the Long Sleeve V Neck Hoodie in a unique rainbow print. This light top layer is perfect with your favourite yoga pants or jeans.

Finally, the Slouchy Cardigan featured on the right — a sweater so soft we can’t be convinced to take it off. Lucky, it’s versatile enough to be worn dressed up (over an actual dress) or down (with jeans or yoga pants). It’s also surprising light and perfect for travel. We think you’ll love it as much as we do.


It’s in the details.

Check out our full selection of products from Hard Tail forever, and note the materials and designs. Almost every piece is unique in it’s composition, and the textiles are perfect matched to the specific product and intended use. Hard Tail is true to the level of quality that they pride themselves on, and designed to last.


Keep moving, be… a Hard Tail!



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