Oh, the Sweet Ahimsa

Yoga allows us to learn so much about ourselves and our world. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with the deeper parts of ourselves and to be honest about everything we find there.

Ahimsa is one of the Yamas – a practice towards others – it addresses our non-violent attitude. Of course, most of us will immediately think that they are non-violet creatures. However, Ahimsa artfully reminds us that violence comes in various forms.

Every time we think or say something unpleasant about others is also considered violence. Naturally, as yogis we know that thoughts and words have tremendous energy, and with that any negative or judgemental thoughts come back to us in the form of self-judgement and feeling insecure in this world.

When we judge others – we judge ourselves.

Every time we sarcastically comment about the way someone likes using mala beads as a “jewellery” (while we know the original purpose of mala beads is for praying).

Every time we resent someones “fancy yoga pants” … (because yoga should be non-sexual).

Every time, we believe that those people on Instagram, standing on their heads, are just showing off. (because we know that yoga is not just asanas).

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and the freedom of expression of their thoughts and views on life. And Ahimsa is here to artfully remind us to do so non-violently.


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