Our Idea Of A Super Bowl (In Vancouver)

Super Bowl 2017 is just a few days away. It’s funny how the word Super bowl triggers the visual of a delicious bowl of veggies in our minds. It shouldn’t, right? We are pretty excited to see the funny advertising that brands are going to launch this year. But we’re always more excited about everything healthy! And this time, we’ve put our excitement to good use and have put together some of the best ‘Super Bowls’ in Vancouver! Everyday is a great day to get some healthy treats. And you’ll get to show off your snazzy new yoga pants too! (What you don’t have any? Well, head here now.)

1. Jugo Juice’s Smoothie Bowls

Vancouver healthy eating for yogis

Jugo Juice is usually found in most popular streets in Vancouver. And their smoothie bowls are like a punch of freshness and health which fill your stomach just right. Our favourite is the Berry Benefit. Power Plant and Simply Sunshine are good too. In the words of their own website – ‘These beauties work for breakfast, lunch or a snack. For lunch, snack or dinner!’ They also have the Baja Wellness bowl if you are looking for a gluten and dairy free option.

2. Railtown Cafe’s Salad Bar

Vancouver healthy eating for yogis

Railtown Cafe is must-eat for anyone visiting Vancouver. They can be found in Gastown and have recently opened a location on Howe Street. What’s great about their salad bar is that you get to pick what goes into your super healthy bowl. If it’s a protein day then you can pick some of the meat options too! Cauliflowers, Kale, Yams, Spinach, all the healthy options that you’d love to munch after your yoga class in Vancouver!

3. The Juice Truck

Vancouver healthy eating for yogis

Loosely inspired from the juice carts of Nepal and India, the Juice Truck is a great option for yogis and fitness crazy Vancouverites. They don’t just give you healthy juice but they also give a promise of detox with it. Their juice cleanse is a great option to couple with your 7-day yoga challenge. You could do a juice cleanse a week before you start your detox yoga challenge. That will maximise the effect of all the yoga you set out to do. They deliver in Vancouver and area. And there’s the option of pick up too.

4. Tractor Foods

Vancouver healthy eating for yogis

You can get a great veggie bowl from Tractor foods for less than 5 bucks. There are a lot of options to choose from and vegetarians will just love them. Mushrooms, kale, baby spinach, sprouts, you name the wellness you’re looking for. They’ve got four locations in Vancouver and two of them very close to YYoga studios. After a class of Hot Yoga, veggie bowls are always a great option.

You now have four more options to stay healthy and fit. And of course, four more places to go to in your new yoga pants. Have you seen the latest ones, by the way? We ship orders above $50 across Canada for free. Yogahive Canada is based in Richmond, BC and the healthy vibes of Vancouver keep inspiring us to keep moving!