Product Review: Manduka Yoga Mats

Bring on the best!

We all strive to reach new personal bests and to perfect every pose we attempt, and we all know the importance of being supported in our practice of Yoga. A Great yoga session deserves a supportive and comfortable yoga mat, and Manduka may have perfected the very surface we do our yoga on.

What’s different about Manduka yoga mats? We love Manduka because of their commitment to sustainable product development and manufacturing. Manduka’s mats are ethically produced in Germany from the most sustainable materials possible, often utilizing biodegradable components. They’re also sustainable because they are designed to last a lifetime, and like no other yoga mat, come with a lifetime guarantee. Really.

For those looking for the most support and extremely dense construction (and a selection of bright and muted colours), the Manduka PRO series is very likely the standard in luxurious yoga mats.

YogaHive Manduka PRO yoga mat

This really is the mother of all yoga mats, and one that you’ll often find at the front of the class — chosen by many yoga instructors as a go-to mat in all styles of yoga.

Many times though, you may prefer a lighter mat and this is where the design of the Manduka PROlite series came from. Although not as thick as the PRO series, the PROlite offers support for any style of yoga, in a lighter design that’s easier to carry around town.

In either case, Manduka’s mats have become particularly popular for Hot Yoga due to their ability to prevent slipping regardless of how much sweat is brought into the equation.

Check out our full selection of Manduka’s products, and treat yourself to the ultimate in support and comfort. In addition, be sure to check out some of the awesome mat carriers, yoga bags, towels and other accessories from Manduka we have in our store!


Keep moving. Be supported.