SUP Yoga? Now’s the time to dive in!

You may have already heard about stand up paddleboard yoga, a yoga trend that’s been gaining popularity in the last two years — you may even have included it in your practice already. If you haven’t, now is the perfect time to dive in (metaphorically speaking of course, after all, the goal is to avoid falling in the water).

Much like the name suggests, stand up paddle (SUP) yoga is a yoga practice that takes place primarily on the water, on paddleboards. With everything we love about outdoor yoga, combined with the calming energy of a lake or the ocean, this trend is clearly here to stay.

Here’s what you need to know to get started on the water:

Most classes begin on the beach, where an instructor takes the class through some initial poses, after which pupils head straight for the water. Everyone has a chance to warm up and get balanced on the paddle board, after which traditional yoga poses are performed, just as they would be in the studio, all within the constraints of the board.

Typical SUP yoga poses include mountain pose, chair pose, downward dog, plank pose, and of course finishing with an epic savasana as you float silently with your classmates. Advanced yogis may perform inversions and handstands. This style of yoga allows you to enjoy not only the meditation and movement through poses at your own level, but also the peaceful energy of water and invigoration of fresh air — half of the classic elements of life.

Standard yoga clothing is also good for yoga on paddleboards, but ideally you’ll want yoga pants that can take being soaked without sacrificing performance (just in case that inversion turns into immersion). Our current most favourite choice for SUP yoga is Onzie leggings – super lightweight, breathable and fun!

SUP Yoga is truly an inspiring way to take in everything we love about summer, and with classes available across Canada, it’s the perfect way to challenge yourself and bring your yoga practice into a whole new environment.

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Paddle on yogis!