Heart Openers – Wild thing – Camatkarasana

As we are starting this new Yoga Hive journey, I am thinking of new beginnings… The truth is, we start something new every day. We may not notice it – and it doesn’t have to be major, to be significant – but all the new beginnings open the door to the opportunities that could be so monumental, that we are afraid to actually launch that first step towards the new thing. It is wild out there. And all the new things, always feel a bit “out there”, don’t they?¬†

In order to have a smooth launch into whatever we are starting, we have to be physically present, and we must be mentally evened out. We must be open to receiving the goodness, the Universe is about to send our way. Sometimes we must surrender. Breathe through it. Allow.

Opening our hearts is one of the way how yoga practice can support us on a new journey. One of my personal favourites at the moment, ironically, is Wild Thing. I just LOVE how this yoga pose is so multidimensional, and intimidating at times, could also be so playful and full of light at the same time.

Heart openers - wild thing - Camatkarasana


Its strong foundation. The excitement of not knowing “how far you can go” this time. I sometimes imagine that I am a dancer performing an acrobatic trick, Cirque de Soleil or something. And even though the reality is far from it, I do feel a rush of fresh oxygen going through my body after I, lightheadedly, get out of the pose.

I usually get into this pose right after Downward-facing Dog. It feels like a good preparation, and an easy transition for the back. Transition from side plank pose could be another variation.

To end, release your back in Child pose, transitioning into Savasana.

To me this pose really signifies the preparedness to embrace the new. You have a strong foundation – your feet are strong and grounded. Your arms; one is supporting you strongly on the ground (to me this says – I’ve learnt from the past, and I am holding onto my lessons). The other arm is stretching, wide-open into the future. You are open, and ready to receive. You are leading your way with your heart – you are trusting the guidance. Your head is lower than your heart – your are not afraid being vulnerable, and you are making the decisions on the next step with a cool head, and a warm heart. And you smile. Yes, smiling raises your vibration, and sets you up for a positive start, which, some say, is half of the work.

Keep Moving. Be… brave.
Namaste, Helen Stepchuk, YogaHive.ca  Founder

{Photo – Kathryn Budig}