The Get Fit Collection is here to help you with those fitness goals.

Don’t let anything come in our way. You know you are wonderful and you’ve got your goals. While new year resolutions are great to get you started, it’s adopting a healthy lifestyle that matters the most. And to help keep you moving, we’ve got just the fitness wear.

Let’s start with your resolve.

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 Resolve to get fit for life. And we’ll help you do it comfortably.

Our comfortable tanks and bras will take you from the studio to the street! Made from free flow jersey fabric, they hug you comfortably while leaving enough room to stretch out and reach those goals.

Get Fit Top Get Fit Top

It’s your turn to rule.

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Bold and wild.

That’s the attitude you gotta embrace. Our graphic leggings love your curves and your style. They will push your boundaries, while you hit those fitness goals.

Get Fit yoga pants Get Fit yoga pants

Don’t miss those fitness goals for anything.

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There’s no stopping you. You are your own superhero.

And you are one decision away from changing your life. Do it! Our superwomen leggings are just what you need.

 Get Fit Yoga leggings Get Fit Yoga leggings

Explore our Get Fit collection – fitness-wear hand-picked to help you get fit for life, one goal at a time. These bold colours and patterns will motivate you to find balance, get stronger and work harder. Always! Not just the new year.

YogaHive is all for healthy habits and fitness goals. We live by our mantra to ‘Keep moving’. But we look at fitness as a way of life, as life itself. It’s not just something you hold on to for the new year. Here’s why this year, you should ditch the resolutions about getting fit and adapt the idea of getting fit for life.

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5 Onzie Must-haves For Your Yoga Wardrobe

Our love affair with onzies just keeps getting better. Don’t you just want to own them all. Wear a new one to every class and add a cool sweat or trench coat and take it around the town for some evening fun! It was very difficult but we’ve picked 5 leggings that are total must-haves. With these 5, it just feels like we have one for every kind of a day.



These leggings make Tie Dye look cool at all times. They are an evergreen splash of teal. Wearing these will ensure no bad days ever. Similar to the Capri Pant, these long Onzie Leggings have a low-rise waist band and are designed to be form-fitted and will stretch and move with your body. For our petite customers, these pants may have an extra inch or two of fabric at the ankles. In this case, we love to wear them either like yogis wrapped around the heel of the foot, rolled up, bunched, or whatever your petite style is!




These have been trending for so long now, they aren’t really a trend now. Ig you are a yoga pants girl then you just gotta have them already. These are the happiest leggings around! With a multicoloured array of joy, the Waikiki leggings from Onzie are a sweet treat! If capris could talk, these would be absolutely thrilled to be so alive with colour. They’re a great match with any bubbly personality!




These leggings have created quite a buzz on social media since they’ve arrived on the yoga scene. They are elegant, sexy and hep, all at the same time. A few celebs have been spotted in them and that just makes them even cooler. What a great match with the stylish. The classy. The smooth. What a great match with YOU! These Nocturnal leggings from Onzie aren’t just for the night – they’re for showing off your wonderful taste and sense of style all year round! Keeping it simple, yet staying classy. You elegant yogi, you.




A warm sunrise, the night sky, and the busy streets below. Make way for the famous City of Angels Onzies. These beautiful graphic leggings remind us that we are but one part of a bigger picture. With a wonderful array of warm colours, the City of Angels leggings from Onzie are sure to inspire you during your regular yoga workout.




Blending art and fashion, the unique placement printing process for our Graphic Legging is one of kind! These leggings are custom made and are truly statement pieces. Perfect for yoga, running, spinning or lounging around. Whatever works! Pair them with a classic white turtle neck or a soft colored bomber jacket. You sure will make heads turn.


By the way you can find most of these styles in Capri pants too And you can find lots of other styles from Onzies in leggings. Keep exploring and order your perfect Onzie yoga pants soon. These run out really fast.

Buying Your Yoga Clothes Online

Skakti yoga clothes canada

Want to translate your unique sense of style into your yoga clothes? Looking to break away from the all-black bottom scene and rock the kind of yoga apparel that will make people ask where you shop?

We’re on the same page then. And we’ve taken the guesswork and uncertainty out of shopping online, by offering brands and products that make it easy to find your perfect size!

Yoga clothes that fit.

Take Onzie, for example. Their huge catalog of tops and printed bottoms is actually designed to make selecting your size as easy as choosing from just three or four options, as below. Their yoga clothes stretch and form to your body, so the very thing we love about our yoga apparel is what makes it so easy to find your perfect fit online:




Did we mention we’re in love with Onzie’s graphic leggings? The special process they use for the legging below allows them to match the print to the layout of the pants for this unique effect.

Onzie yoga clothes canadaOnzie yoga clothes canada

The most exciting part? Most of Onzie’s prints are limited-run pieces. Which is to say that they retire styles each and every season and introduce more prints. (In case you ever needed more assurance that these bottoms are unique.)


Brazilian design, easy sizing

It’s a similar story with another great company — Shakti. The Brazilain designed and produced label has broken their sizes down into just three (small, medium or large) for tops and bottoms (size charts on all Shakti product pages).

Shakti yoga clothes canadaShakti yoga clothes canada


We know that shopping online can be intimidating at first, especially for something as intimate as the clothes we practice yoga in. Rest assured though, we only carry the very best brands, with easy sizing options to make shopping online for your apparel a breeze. We also offer FREE shipping on all orders, so your next go-to tops and bottoms are really just a few more clicks away.

As always, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter if you have any product questions!


Keep moving, be… comfortable.