Buying Your Yoga Clothes Online

Skakti yoga clothes canada

Want to translate your unique sense of style into your yoga clothes? Looking to break away from the all-black bottom scene and rock the kind of yoga apparel that will make people ask where you shop?

We’re on the same page then. And we’ve taken the guesswork and uncertainty out of shopping online, by offering brands and products that make it easy to find your perfect size!

Yoga clothes that fit.

Take Onzie, for example. Their huge catalog of tops and printed bottoms is actually designed to make selecting your size as easy as choosing from just three or four options, as below. Their yoga clothes stretch and form to your body, so the very thing we love about our yoga apparel is what makes it so easy to find your perfect fit online:




Did we mention we’re in love with Onzie’s graphic leggings? The special process they use for the legging below allows them to match the print to the layout of the pants for this unique effect.

Onzie yoga clothes canadaOnzie yoga clothes canada

The most exciting part? Most of Onzie’s prints are limited-run pieces. Which is to say that they retire styles each and every season and introduce more prints. (In case you ever needed more assurance that these bottoms are unique.)


Brazilian design, easy sizing

It’s a similar story with another great company — Shakti. The Brazilain designed and produced label has broken their sizes down into just three (small, medium or large) for tops and bottoms (size charts on all Shakti product pages).

Shakti yoga clothes canadaShakti yoga clothes canada


We know that shopping online can be intimidating at first, especially for something as intimate as the clothes we practice yoga in. Rest assured though, we only carry the very best brands, with easy sizing options to make shopping online for your apparel a breeze. We also offer FREE shipping on all orders, so your next go-to tops and bottoms are really just a few more clicks away.

As always, reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter if you have any product questions!


Keep moving, be… comfortable.



Introducing Judy Swens, Brand Ambassador

We’re excited to announce and welcome our first Brand Ambassador, Judy Swens.

Yoga clothing canada

“The love of movement, as a figure skater, lead to the love of yoga. A need for more peace, through life challenges, lead to a deeper practice. The healing of yoga instils a burning desire to share yoga.”






Among many other things, Judy Swens is an accomplished yoga teacher based out of Vancouver and the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Judy believes yoga allows you to live in the moment and let go, creating a free mind, body, and heart. Yoga is for everybody and all levels are welcome. Alignment is emphasized with creating an awareness of breath. Lila, or play is an essential ingredient to allow each person to shine brightly. Whether through a new pose, a sutra, poem, or a joke; Judy wishes that you leave the mat with a different perspective.

A life long student of yoga, Judy took her first 200 hour teacher training with Dan Clement (owner of Open Source Yoga). She further studied a Vinyasa intensive with Tina James (owner of Whistler Jivamukti) and mentored with Janet Corvino (manager of NeoWhistler, and owner of Soul City Yoga). Through attending Wanderlust Whistler, Judy is influenced by teachers Siva Rea, Giselle Mari, Seane Corn, and Rod Stryker.

Judy is a co-creator of Prakriti Yoga Retreat and the Sunshine Coast Yoga Festival. If you wish to practice with her at home, she is also part of theNamaste TV season 3 and 4 series.  As an ambassador for, Judy is involved with our spreading yoga and expanding our community and contributes guest blog posts.

For more from Judy, please visit: 

We welcome Judy aboard with open arms, and are ecstatic to be working with her!



Become a YogaHive brand ambassador and help spread yoga in your community!


Good day, fellow yogis!

Wow! What an exciting ride it’s been for YogaHive so far! From our initial vision of a place to share our love for authenticity and movement to launching our online store this May! We are extremely grateful for our lovely little community that is growing every day, and we are proud to partner with our amazing vendors to offer some of the best yoga products for your practice and lifestyle. We take special pride in each of the brands we sell – all of our vendors are carefully selected because of what they stand for. All of them have a strong mission to accomplish – ethical business practices, mindful being.

We’re now reaching out to you, our community, because we want to spread our love for yoga across Canada and get more people involved with the practice than ever before! Bold, right!?

We know precisely what yoga offers to a human being’s spirit, and we feel infinitely grateful to be a part of this culture, and to be able to offer inspiration for you to keep moving. With that, we’re proud (and stoked!) to announce our new YogaHive Brand Ambassador Program as our way to accomplish those ambitious goals together.

At this time this program is open to yoga teachers, so if you teach yoga in regularly scheduled classes, we’d love to get to know you and partner with you to grow both your presence as a yoga teacher and the YogaHive brand’s mission of inspiring joyful, and purposeful movement.

(Not only we want to spread the love for yoga, but we also want to support YOU on your journey of becoming the best teacher you can be for your students. As part of this program, we will help you to get the word out about your teaching schedule, and we’ll help you with your personal marketing, spreading the word about your teachings. Yoga teachers make it look so easy – but we know that it’s not, and we know we will be speaking for many yoga students, saying how grateful we are for your dedication to the practice.)

If you’re not a yoga teacher (yet), but are active in the community and feel that our brand’s values resonate with yours, and you could be a storyteller for the YogaHive brand, we encourage you to get in touch — we’re seeking ambassadors of all kinds to help spread the message.

To help you get started, we’re offering all qualifying ambassadors regular promo codes for free apparel and accessories from, as well as features on our website and social media (and plenty of other opportunities to get involved in our community). In return we ask for your help in spreading the word about with your students and followers through social media and word of mouth. Check out the full details of our ambassador program and apply as soon as possible! We’ll be contacting our first group of ambassadors shortly to kick off the program.  

Tweet this:
Tweet: Spread yoga love. Become @YogaHiveCanada ambassador.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep moving. Be the movement. 


Yoga Selfies – Yay or Nay

We all have seen them. And we all have an opinion about them… Yoga selfies… Yay or nay?

What do you think? Are yoga selfies inspiring or are they just another way to stroke someone’s ego?

I, personally, find them incredibly inspiring. To be completely honest, this is how I start my day.. On Instagram, checking out “yoga selfies.” Some of them are incredibly educational too. Getting some tips on alignment has never been easier.

As they say, every situation we are in – or every yoga selfie we see out there, for that matter 🙂 – is a little spiritual lesson for us. Noticing how we feel about them, can tell us a lot about our spiritual journey. If we feel like someone is just “showing off,” then it’s a good opportunity to ask ourselves – does this make me feel like they are showing off? Why do I feel this way.

The most amazing thing about yoga is that there’s no right or wrong. We are all on our own journey here. And if your journey includes yoga selfies, that’s awesome. Do share your selfies on our Facebook Page. Especially if you get any of our yoga gear – would love to pass the inspiration on. Namaste.

Keep moving. Be… {adventurous} 

We are LIVE

We are open…

Hallelujah. We are live. It’s been 9 years of desire, 2 months of creative thinking, one month of hands-on manifesting, and voila. Yoga Hive is LIVE. It is with our deepest gratitude we join the onlinecommunity of yogis in Canada and beyond. Having been a dedicated yogi for the past 8 years, I feel infinitely blessed to be able to bring my passion for yoga, and all what yoga stands for, in the form of Yoga Hive.

Why we exist…

Yoga Hive was born out of passion for yoga, movement, creative freedom and self-expression. Located in Gorgeous Vancouver, Canada, we felt that our neighbors down south had access to a much wider variety of yoga clothing, and lifestyle products for the active yogis. Yoga Hive is not just an online yoga store. Yoga means unity. Hive means community. We are here to connect the body, the spirit, and the earthly pleasures that are conscious, purposeful and oh so sweet.

Our product promise…

The products we carry, are not just another yoga mat, clothes, stuff. All of our suppliers have a strong mission statement (not just on the wall). Every product we carry has a meaningful purpose + story, that extends far beyond a yoga class, and collectively contributes to a happier community and planet.  All of our products are carefully selected to deliver happiness; they truly are a tribute to the passion of movement, mindfulness and class-act consciousness.  Because this is what makes us happy.

With the growing popularity online and offline, there’s no doubt, yoga is transforming. It is being westernized. At Yoga Hive, it is our choice and our heartfelt intention, to establish an *ego-free space for the active, modern yogis to connect, share, experience, and be happy. Welcome!

Keep moving. Be…

NAMASTE, Helen Stepchuk, Founder

*(Ok, upon second thought… maybe a little bit of “good ego” that keeps us moving forward). In gratitude.