The Get Fit Collection is here to help you with those fitness goals.

Don’t let anything come in our way. You know you are wonderful and you’ve got your goals. While new year resolutions are great to get you started, it’s adopting a healthy lifestyle that matters the most. And to help keep you moving, we’ve got just the fitness wear.

Let’s start with your resolve.

new year resolutions fitness goalss

 Resolve to get fit for life. And we’ll help you do it comfortably.

Our comfortable tanks and bras will take you from the studio to the street! Made from free flow jersey fabric, they hug you comfortably while leaving enough room to stretch out and reach those goals.

Get Fit Top Get Fit Top

It’s your turn to rule.

get fit bold collection

Bold and wild.

That’s the attitude you gotta embrace. Our graphic leggings love your curves and your style. They will push your boundaries, while you hit those fitness goals.

Get Fit yoga pants Get Fit yoga pants

Don’t miss those fitness goals for anything.

get fit superwomen collection

There’s no stopping you. You are your own superhero.

And you are one decision away from changing your life. Do it! Our superwomen leggings are just what you need.

 Get Fit Yoga leggings Get Fit Yoga leggings

Explore our Get Fit collection – fitness-wear hand-picked to help you get fit for life, one goal at a time. These bold colours and patterns will motivate you to find balance, get stronger and work harder. Always! Not just the new year.

YogaHive is all for healthy habits and fitness goals. We live by our mantra to ‘Keep moving’. But we look at fitness as a way of life, as life itself. It’s not just something you hold on to for the new year. Here’s why this year, you should ditch the resolutions about getting fit and adapt the idea of getting fit for life.

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KA-POW! Add some pop to your workouts with these Super Women leggings from Fusion Fight Gear

It’s astounding how much one’s stress level goes down with the simple act of switching from skinny jeans to yoga pants. Jeans are stressful. Who wants that in their lives? Give us yoga pants anytime. In fact, we have some special ones to change into when we’re going out. As our love affair with yoga continues, and we keep replacing all bottoms with yoga pants, here comes another reason to jump up and down in excitement. And while you’re at it, you might just throw a few flying kicks and some powerful air punches. Because we’ve got you yoga pants that celebrate the super woman you are, make you feel superb, look cooler and they represent all the crazy a woman can be.

super woman leggings yoga hive

Ladies, put your hands together for SHe-Ra, Wonderwoman and Bat-woman leggings from Fusion Fight Gear. If your yoga sessions are getting dull, these leggings will brighten them up. They’ll make sure you get the heads turning wherever you go while hugging your butt attractively and owning the superpower of drying in milliseconds!

she ra leggings

You can shop these super yoga pants at our online store. Currently, they zip zap zoom across Canada – for free!. We mean that currently, they ship for free in Canada. Fusion Fight Gear the brand that brings bad guys and good guys from comics and movies to our wardrobes has brought these fantabulous leggings to us, yogi girls.

super woman leggings

Pair them with bright tanks or fluorescent tees. Tie your hair in a messy bun on the top of your head and you’ll look you are ready to kick some bad guy butts yourself. You are going to rock at that flow class or hot yoga or even sculpt. Because the energy and strength of these superwomen will keep you motivated!

Wonder Woman Leggings

She is the one to start the justice League. Her solo movie releases in June 2017. Before she gets pricey and out of stock, get these leggings home.

super woman yoga pants

Harness the power of Wonder Woman with these new grappling leggings from Fusion FG! Unfortunately, they won’t make you a demigoddess or an Amazonian Warrior Princess, but they MAY give you some extra powers in the yoga studio, particularly if you were able to score yourself a lasso of truth, or her bracelets and tiara.

High quality flatlock stitching makes these Wonder Woman leggings great for resisting even the toughest wear and tear. They’ve been printed with a sublimation process meaning that the design will never crack or peel off. The material is a high-end 88% polyester, 12% spandex blend.

Batman Crime Fighter Leggings

These Batman Crime Fighter leggings were designed to provide you with comic book-style camouflage so that you can blend into your environment without being noticed.

super woman yoga pants

All of the artwork is authentic, taken right from the pages of Batman and Detective comics, and these Bat-leggings are guaranteed to give you all of the abilities of Batman at the yoga studio or your money back!

Perfect for repelling nasty bacteria, these officially licensed Batman ladies leggings have a tight compression fit and are great for wicking moisture away from the body. These leggings will dry very quickly.

She-Ra Leggings

She-Ra, the Princess of Power no longer has to live in the shadow of her twin brother, He-Man! With these awesome women’s grappling tights, Princess Adora certainly has the upper hand over Prince Adam, at least when it comes to fashion.

super woman yoga pants

The design on these sports leggings features She-Ra cruising around Etheria on her winged unicorn Swift Wind. Not a bad way to get around…cheap insurance and keeps gas costs in check.

Perfect for repelling nasty bacteria, as well as the evil Hordak, these officially licensed ladies leggings have a tight compression fit.

All these leggings can be worn under a pair of shorts, or on their own. They are designed specifically for a woman’s body, with a thicker compression waistband to help eliminate the dreaded muffin top, and so that they don’t ride down in the back while squatting. We also added in a diamond shaped crotch gusset to improve all around comfort.

All Fusion FG compression leggings can and should be used for basically any sport where you sweat such as; surfing, cross-fit training, snowboarding, hockey, weight lifting, running, yoga, cycling, and the list goes on…

The brand – Fusion Fight Gear

fusion fight gear yoga pants

After countless hours spent in the lab working away like mad scientists (think Lizard from Spider-Man infamy), Fusion Fight Gear have at long last created the perfect blend of uber-high quality fit gear (BJJ, hot yoga, spin) and fight apparel. Cross-pollinated with favorite officially licensed pop-culture characters FFG envisions their brand to be a fun way to bring out your personality, while giving it all to your favourite sport (whatever it may be). Be your own superhero! Check out all the pieces this cool collection has.

Don’t forget to review our leggings once you’ve tried them. All our customers say such cool things about us, but we always want more. And hey, if comic power is not your thing, just browse through all our leggings here. We’ve got so many, you won’t be disappointed. Go on, choose the yoga pants you love, look awesome, feel great and just keep moving!

5 Onzie Must-haves For Your Yoga Wardrobe

Our love affair with onzies just keeps getting better. Don’t you just want to own them all. Wear a new one to every class and add a cool sweat or trench coat and take it around the town for some evening fun! It was very difficult but we’ve picked 5 leggings that are total must-haves. With these 5, it just feels like we have one for every kind of a day.



These leggings make Tie Dye look cool at all times. They are an evergreen splash of teal. Wearing these will ensure no bad days ever. Similar to the Capri Pant, these long Onzie Leggings have a low-rise waist band and are designed to be form-fitted and will stretch and move with your body. For our petite customers, these pants may have an extra inch or two of fabric at the ankles. In this case, we love to wear them either like yogis wrapped around the heel of the foot, rolled up, bunched, or whatever your petite style is!




These have been trending for so long now, they aren’t really a trend now. Ig you are a yoga pants girl then you just gotta have them already. These are the happiest leggings around! With a multicoloured array of joy, the Waikiki leggings from Onzie are a sweet treat! If capris could talk, these would be absolutely thrilled to be so alive with colour. They’re a great match with any bubbly personality!




These leggings have created quite a buzz on social media since they’ve arrived on the yoga scene. They are elegant, sexy and hep, all at the same time. A few celebs have been spotted in them and that just makes them even cooler. What a great match with the stylish. The classy. The smooth. What a great match with YOU! These Nocturnal leggings from Onzie aren’t just for the night – they’re for showing off your wonderful taste and sense of style all year round! Keeping it simple, yet staying classy. You elegant yogi, you.




A warm sunrise, the night sky, and the busy streets below. Make way for the famous City of Angels Onzies. These beautiful graphic leggings remind us that we are but one part of a bigger picture. With a wonderful array of warm colours, the City of Angels leggings from Onzie are sure to inspire you during your regular yoga workout.




Blending art and fashion, the unique placement printing process for our Graphic Legging is one of kind! These leggings are custom made and are truly statement pieces. Perfect for yoga, running, spinning or lounging around. Whatever works! Pair them with a classic white turtle neck or a soft colored bomber jacket. You sure will make heads turn.


By the way you can find most of these styles in Capri pants too And you can find lots of other styles from Onzies in leggings. Keep exploring and order your perfect Onzie yoga pants soon. These run out really fast.

3 Must-have Yoga Pants

They’ve been around for so many years. But step out of the studio in your yoga pants and everyone seems to have an opinion. Well, true yogis don’t really care, if it’s comfortable and it gets the zen clicking then we’ll do it. As long as you don’t wear an obscenely sheer pair (remember the Lululemon ones which were recalled because they became transparent in the sun) and as long as you don’t wear them to work coupled with a formal top, yoga pants are good to go anywhere. kendall-jennar-gigi-hadid-yoga-pants

A great pair of yoga pants makes you want to do better yoga, has you feeling awesome and pretty while doing it and motivates you to jump on the yoga video sharing brigade. Throw on a leather jacket or a trench and you can hop from Bikram to brunch with style.

Well, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid seem to be looking just gorgeous in their yoga pants. Take notes, ladies! And when you have yoga pants in such amazing prints and styles, how can you seriously keep them confined to the studio or the mat? Throw in a great handbag and your hottest sunglasses. Get your yoga pants some air and some eyeballs. If you need help finding the best styles, we’ve got yoga pants from the best brands in Canada.

We’ve chosen three super favourites that every yogi girl must own. They are the most comfortable bottoms you will ever wear and they look so good, you want to wear them everywhere. Oh, your headstand will look so fabulous in one of these! Let’s get you started.

1. Mesh leggings

They are sheer but in the right places and when you wear them you realize the sheer stretchy mesh is not there just to make it look amazing, it’s there to make it even more comfortable. These leggings hug you and move with you. sheer-leggings-lululemon-yoga-style Bright, bold and super fun! YogaHive has this style in Onzie. It’s a colour blocked legging with slimming lines. You’ll never go unnoticed in these amazing pants! onzie-legging-yoga-styles-sheer Shop Onzie Black Mesh Yoga Pants

2. Indie print long leggings

The moment you put them on, these will become your favourite. They come in such bright colours, you don’t need any accessories to complete your look. For a casual evening outside add to these a sweatshirt, make a messy bun, wear your sunglasses and you have yourself a look worth pinning on a fashion blogger’s Pinterest board. onzie-print-leggings Similar to the Capri Pant, we’ve got Long Onzie Leggings that also have a low-rise waist band and are designed to be form-fitted and will stretch and move with your body. For our petite customers, these pants may have an extra inch or two of fabric at the ankles. In this case, we love to wear them either like yogis wrapped around the heel of the foot, rolled up, bunched, or you can simply tuck them under your feet! They’ll fit you like a glove. onzie-legging-yoga-styles View All Styles For Onzie Long Leggings

3. Genie capris

We love them for how they transport you to the world where there’s peace, serenity and where travel adventures await. They are comfortable and loose, perfect for hot yoga or just chilling around the house. If you wear them with the right top and hairdo you can be looking so zen just walking around downtown. genie-capris-yoga-styles We’ve been constantly running out of these ones and have had to reorder for our customers. We love these Lole genie capris and have them in two colors, from the last season. Get shopping before we run out of these too. They are available on a 30% off! Lole-yoga-styles-genie-capris Shop Lole Genie Capris at 30% Off There you have it. Three must haves. Summer, winter or rain. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more yoga fashion and yoga asana stories. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know and never miss a steal or a secret sale!

Can Yoga Pants Better Your Karma?

What drives the team at Yoga Hive? Why do we do what we do? There’s a reason behind each product and brand that we carry, and we get excited about every curated addition to our store for a good reason. How can buying yoga pants bring you good karma? Simple — buy yoga pants and apparel from companies that do good with their products, and you’ve already made a positive step forward. The two labels whose yoga bottoms we currently sell are some of our favourite companies to wear in and out of yoga class.

Shakti-Yoga-Capris     Onzie-Yoga-Capris


We love the story behind Shakti. The brand originates from Rio De Janero, Brazil, and is an amazing combination of the eastern philosophy that drives their focus and the rich culture of  Rio which shines through in the cuts and colours of their apparel. Originally designed by a yoga teacher with a background in swimwear, the brand launched based on a need for comfortable hot yoga clothing in Brazil. The brand’s signature shorts and pants are now often imitated, but Shakti is the best at what they do any it shows in the quality of their fabrics and stitching. Shakti still produces all of its products ethically in Brazil, and the materials (Lycra and Airfit Microfiberfabrics) and quality is like no other.


Onzie is best known for its diverse collection of patterned capri pants and leggings, and for being one of the most affordable options for quality yoga pants. What some may not know is that unlike many of their competitors (especially at their price point), Onzie is 100% designed and ethically produced in the United States. As a completely vertically-integrated company, Onzie is one of few large-scale manufacturers of yoga bottoms that can make this claim. From the manufacturing and dying of the materials, to the sewing of the product itself, Onzie puts a focus not only on quality buy on ethical business practice around all of their products — right in downtown Los Angles.

There’s a reason we only deal with the companies that are conscious of their corporate responsibility. We want YogaHive, and your experience on our website, to make you feel great about the apparel you choose to be in at our favourite time of each day — yoga class.

We love online shopping because, more than anything, it gives us choice. Fitness and yoga are so universally practiced that there is no shortage of options when it comes to apparel — we think this is a good thing. But it can also be easy to fill your online shopping cart without learning the stories behind the companies that make yoga products. (And in some cases, it can be difficult to find out even where a product is produced before seeing the label once you’ve already purchased it.) Luckily, companies that are transparent about their products and processes are only a few clicks away. Currently, between the lines we carry for Shakti and Onzie, we have over 75 different yoga and fitness pants and shorts available through our online store. We also have a lot more coming soon, including new products from Hard Tail Forever (another awesome, domestically-manufactured company). We’re very proud to say that you can join us in feeling great about buying any of these products!


Keep moving. Be… Conscious.


Product review: shakti activewear

Shakti Activewear Hot Yoga Clothing - Canada

With the World Cup in full swing, you can’t help but notice that Brazilians do know how to have fun. They know how to party, and to be in the moment, to fully enjoy the richness of the cultural occasions, and events.

What else is Brazil known for? The sun. The heat. The beaches. Those toned, and tanned bodies.  No wonder one of our hot yoga clothing brands Shakti Activewear (designed and made in Brazil) – the original hot / Bikram yoga apparel – is so wildly popular in Canada and across the world. With their fun prints, high quality, and super comfortable, breathable fabric they use in their clothing, this is definitely the winning option for any hot yogi across Canada.

I first became familiar with the brand in 2006, when I started practicing Bikram Yoga, here in Vancouver. I noticed there was a limited selection of hot yoga outfits available (nope, not even at Lululemon), and I couldn’t find any online store that would ship for free to Canada. Then I came across Shakti Activewear clothing at my yoga studio, and absolutely fell in love with it. There’s nothing like that on the market at that time. Now, 8 years later, I am happy to renew my love vows with Shakti Activewear. Their clothing line has been expanded, and we are proud to offer a wide range of their yoga shorts, yoga pants, and bras in our store today.

My most recent “most favourite” is the Lukshmi Short:

Shakti Activewear - Lakshmi Short Fine for NowShakti Activewear - Hot Yoga Clothing - Free Shipping in Canada

Features: Double layered, ‚‘scrunch‚’ waistband, contrast color flat seam stitching, high rise
Intended use: yoga, dance, Zumba, pole fitness, running, walking
Material: Coolform Light (Coolform light’ contains all the wonderful benefits that ‘coolform’ fabric has, without the weight. In other words, it is thinner and is meant specifically for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft it has often been described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all! All prints are made of this material, and there are some styles in black, too. We especially recommend this material for hot yoga, during the summer months, or as an uber comfortable first layer during colder months for your outdoor activities.)

shakti activewear sizing chart

And, of course, Shakti Activewear is not only for Bikram or hot yogis out there! This fitness clothing line is perfect for anyone who is active, and who is, well, ready to put their shakti on!

Namaste. Keep moving. Be… fabulous.



Onzie Capri Pants – Be Your Own Superhero!

What happens when you get a yogi in a room with boxes and boxes of freshly delivered batch of yoga pants? She will want to keep them all to herself.. And because she cannot really do that, she would just pick a few pairs and use them for the R & D purposes. Solely for research. Well we did promise to sell only buzz-worthy brands, didn’t we? Now we have to make sure our yoga wear holds up to our (and yours) expectations. So we do need to test them before we sell them! 🙂

These Onzie yoga pants are a hot-yogi’s dream come true. Lightweight. Utilizing Free-Flow Fabric Technology that is durable and breathable. This fast-drying material keeps bodies cool, dry and comfortable. Onzie yoga gear is perfect for hot yoga, but can also be used for pilates, spinning, swimming, surfing, running or hooping. Yes, hooping.

Onzie Yoga Pants - Free Shipping in Canada

A few things you need to know about these fancy yoga pants:

Choose the right size of your yoga pants by referring to this sizing chart.

onzie yoga pants sizing chart

**Please note that this is a generic size guide for our bottoms.
***If you are between sizes, we suggest trying the smaller size as the fabric is quite stretchy and will form to fit your body as you move and sweat in them. If you are still unsure about the size, please email us at om @ yogahive dot ca and we will help you out to get the size right. 

Onzie sizing chart

onzie tops sizing chart

While the sizing chart will help you to nail down the right pair, keep in mind that these pants fit like a glove. If you like your yoga pants nice and tight go with a smaller size. For example if you usually wear size “small” or size 4-6 of lululemon yoga pants – then go with XS/S sizing for these beauties. My regular size is small, so I tried both XS/S and S/M sizes and both pants did an amazing job. The smaller size felt a bit more like my second skin, but the S/M did an amazing job too, a bit more breathing room, but I wouldn’t say they were too big. I think you really can’t go wrong with these, as they are stretchy and so light, that the sizing chart is quite … stretchy… And, please, always remember if you have any questions about the sizes or the fit of any product we carry, just shoot us an email, and we will help you to make the right choice, for the maximum enjoyment of your yoga pants.

Overall, I was super happy with these pants, and to be completely honest I was quite surprised how awesome they felt on my skin. The sweatier they got, the more they were melting into my skin. My motto for hot yoga clothes has always been – less is more. I preferred hot yoga shorts, and a small bra, believing that hot yoga must be practiced in shorts, so you don’t get distracted by your sweaty clothing sticking to you, or give yourself an extra reason to leave the room. These pants proved me wrong – you can have long hot yoga leggings (or capris) to make your practice enjoyable, focused, and liberating (especially in those tricky poses like dancer’s pose).

Do you own a pair of Onzie Yoga Pants? Would love to see your “”yoga selfie” , and maybe you will become our Yogi of the Month next month! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, tag us or use hashtag #YogaHiveCanada


Keep moving. Be… {your own superhero}