Yoga Meditation for Wherever You Are

yoga meditation with mala beads

The biggest barrier to yoga meditation is not believing you have time for it! We love our favourite yoga instructors because they do a great job of integrating meditation into their classes. They make it easy. After all, nothing beats leaving your class feeling both the effects of your workout, while also feeling the sense of calm we love to get from yoga. For all the times when you’re not practicing, you should still strive to feed your mental clarity through meditation.
The good news? You only need about 3-5 minutes each day to get started, and you really can meditate (almost) anywhere! So, whether you’re outside for a walk, on a lunch break or even lying in bed — start small, wherever you already are. Take a few minutes each day to clear your head and create your own meditation regime. Sit in a comfortable position, and take the points below as a great starting point.


Strive to make relaxation your first defence against stress, and start with relaxation when you meditate. Ensure you’re in an environment that is free of stimulation, and focus your energy on stopping thoughts that impede on your relaxation. It’s perfectly okay if something comes to mind. Acknowledge it, and tell yourself you’ll resolve it later. Focus on what’s happening right now, and be happy and grateful for yourself.


Take everything you do with your breathing in your favourite yoga class with you when you meditate. Sit straight and breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose, exhaling and repeating. Breathing is at the core of meditation, and the benefits are immeasurable. Breathe like it’s all that your life depends on (after all, it is).


A lot has been also written about the many benefits of smiling. So, remember not to take life too seriously and smile while you meditate. Smiling relaxes more than just your face, and it will show in your mood after mediating, and likely for the rest of your day.
Meditation is a personal journey, but it need not be more complicated than starting with these steps. Do what works for you!
yoga meditation with mala beads

For those that want to take it a step further, we recommend meditating with mala beads. We love wearing Mala Collective‘s line of meditation beads, which are handmade and blessed in Bali. Apart from being functional for our daily regime, they serve as a constant reminder of the good energy that meditation brings us every day!


Keep moving, be… relaxed.



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