Yoga Selfies – Yay or Nay

We all have seen them. And we all have an opinion about them… Yoga selfies… Yay or nay?

What do you think? Are yoga selfies inspiring or are they just another way to stroke someone’s ego?

I, personally, find them incredibly inspiring. To be completely honest, this is how I start my day.. On Instagram, checking out “yoga selfies.” Some of them are incredibly educational too. Getting some tips on alignment has never been easier.

As they say, every situation we are in – or every yoga selfie we see out there, for that matter 🙂 – is a little spiritual lesson for us. Noticing how we feel about them, can tell us a lot about our spiritual journey. If we feel like someone is just “showing off,” then it’s a good opportunity to ask ourselves – does this make me feel like they are showing off? Why do I feel this way.

The most amazing thing about yoga is that there’s no right or wrong. We are all on our own journey here. And if your journey includes yoga selfies, that’s awesome. Do share your selfies on our Facebook Page. Especially if you get any of our yoga gear – would love to pass the inspiration on. Namaste.

Keep moving. Be… {adventurous} 

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