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“Too bad Americans can’t export Awesome, because I have boxes and boxes of the stuff just lying around in my attic. 
” -Jarod Kintz This grey fox thinks you are just the coolest, incase you don’t already know and we totally agree. Made with more Jute, for even more slip resistance….Because we don’t want you to be that girl/guy/kid. Free shipping within Canada.

Longer, wider and with more JUTE! OMG!
Size: 25″ x 69″
Thickness: 5mm
Phthalates free! Latex Free! Heavy Metal Free!
Jute/ECO-PVC Blend
Slip resistant

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Affirmats adds an emotional layer to yoga by wrapping form, function, and a dash of inspiration in PURE LOVE.

It’s simple, life gets crazy and yoga makes us happy. Not only are these mats comfortable and stylish, but gives each of us a little affirmation to get us going through the day.

Celebrating the small victories and reminding yourself to be thankful are just the perks you get from the inspirations while you become the yogi you want to be from a high quality, biodegradable and ergonomically friendly mat to help you master those advanced poses.

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