Shakti – Lakshmi Shorts – Fine for Now


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Features: Double layered, ‚‘scrunch‚’ waistband, contrast color flat seam stitching, high rise

Intended use: yoga, dance, Zumba, pole fitness, running, walking

Material: Coolform Light


This is one of the pieces. Flattering, snug fit highlighted by flat seam, contrast color stitching and a scrunch waist that supports without squeezing too tight. This is a great short for any body type and works well across a wide variety of activities too. Yoga, pole fitness, zumba, dance, run, walk, bicycle…this is a go anywhere, do anything kinda short.

Coolform light’ contains all the wonderful benefits that ‘coolform’ fabric has, without the weight. In other words, it is thinner and is meant specifically for heated rooms and hot places. This material is so light and so soft it has often been described as equivalent to the feeling of wearing nothing at all! We make all our prints in this material, and some styles in black too. We recommend this material for hot yoga, during the summer months, or as an uber comfortable first layer during colder months for your outdoor activities.

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